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Letter: Student concerned about planet, air pollution

My name is Jeremiah Bautista I have been studying energy resources in my science class. I am writing because Nevada uses mainly coal, gasoline, and natural gas for energy sources. The burning of coal, gasoline, and natural gas (as heating and cooking source) and the other two to produce energy causes air pollution emissions, which in turn harms plants, animals, and causes many diseases in humans. Also, these resources are not “native” to Nevada. Natural gas, for example, has to be transported by pipes from Arizona, New Mexico and Wyoming. The same goes for coal; there are no coal mines in our state – again, it has to be carried in trains from Wyoming and Utah. According to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, Nevada uses natural gas the most—over 250 trillion Btu’s approximately in 2014. I feel that we can do better as a state by encouraging others to utilize other types of energy. As a state, we use these resources like other places and these resources cause a lot of damage to the planet.

In our state and many other places, we should use solar, wind, and corn for energy sources. These resources are renewable and do not harm the atmosphere as much as coal, gasoline, and natural gas. Also, these resources are non-pollutant to the environment. Also, wind power and solar power can create more jobs. The state officials should consider creating and building more solar and wind plants. People can be employed in taking care of these places. Also, the reduction of air pollutants will help those with respiratory problems get better and not expend so much money going to the doctor. I can say that asthma problems are increasing greatly nowadays. I am an example of that; I suffer from asthma and so does my mother. So many pollutants in the air are developing more allergies for people like us. In my hometown gas emissions are not a big problem, but in the near city of Las Vegas you can actually see the cloud of smoke over it. The idea of mandatory carpooling can help. For example: our water is provided by a water well that runs with electricity. In my household we try to save as much energy and water as possible. That also should be encouraged in small towns like ours.

As you can see, my research shows that there are alternatives to energy use. It should be important to city officials to consider this and other ideas to better the future of our planet and the conservation of this beautiful Earth. As for my family and me, we love to breathe better and not have to use medication and inhalers. I am dreaming of a day when pollution is not a problem and humans, plants, and animals will live a better life. Thank you for reading my letter.

Concerned about our future,

Jeremiah Bautista

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