Letter to editor

Nevadan urges care when voting on Election Day

Will your vote Nov. 6th be influenced by SJR14? This is the amendment that will be voted on in the 2019 session of the Legislature.

The Democrats have made this bill a priority for passage. It will remove the property tax cap, and according to Washoe County Assessor Mike Clark, “could result in the largest property tax increase in Nevada history.”

That’s why I’m voting a straight Republican ticket. I don’t want my property and federal taxes to be raised, which is what will happen if you don’t vote Republican. I want President Trump’s agenda for lower taxes, less regulation, a strong economy and secure borders to be upheld in Congress. That’s why I am voting Republican. If the Democrats win, you will have the opposite: high taxes, more regulations, a weak economy and wide-open borders. The choice is easy.

Cynthia Kennedy

Virginia City, Nevada

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