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Letter to the Editor

Department of injustice

Attorney General Eric Holder and the Department of Injustice are completely out of control. His latest self-serving mission at taxpayer expense is a full-scale federal probe into the Ferguson, Mo., incident while Rome continues to burn at our southern border and everywhere else for that matter.

Apparently it is more important for Holder to target “whitey,” the middle class, Christians, gun owners and virtually every other law abiding American citizen instead of the ISIS threat allegedly at our border that Obama’s foreign policy helped to create.

Clearly, Holder’s actions involving the Mexican “fast and furious” gun running operation were criminal.

Additionally, his inaction concerning the IRS scandal is without question unconscionable. He views tea party conservatives, libertarians and constitutionalists as domestic enemies.

It should be obvious to all by now that Holder is terribly divisive, a racist, anti-American and is certainly not upholding our Constitution as his oath demands.

It is not the patriots but Eric Holder who is the real enemy within, and he should be removed as DOJ head via congressional impeachment immediately before more damage is done.

I wonder if Congress has the tenacity to impeach Holder. I doubt it.

George W. Hoeltje

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