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Letter to the Editor

‘Will you ever stop telling lies Maurizio?’

Mr. Maurizio’s letter to the editor dated Dec. 17, 2014 is correct. The Contour project he refers to is the Town Board’s lasting legacy “but not for the current outgoing Town Board 2013 to 2014,” but for the Town Board that created the debacle: Those being the Town Board members for 2011 to 2012, Kulkin, Parker, Darby, Waters and Endersby.

This current outgoing Town Board, except for Kulkin and Waters, had nothing to do with the Contour project. All this current outgoing Town Board did was accept the last two reports that the previous Town Board paid for and Maurizio knows that. I think in his own mind if he says that I had something to do with it that people will believe the lies and rumors he spreads, including himself.

Maurizio’s statement that I “openly approved contracts” is false, and is nothing but another lie by Maurizio. I do not expect you to just believe what I am saying. Look at the files, the contracts and at the videos online for 2011 to 2012 and it’s clear I am telling you the truth. I had nothing to do with the Contour project except to receive the two reports that the previous Town Board paid for.

My time on the Town Board was from 2008 to 2010; from 2011 to 2012 I was off the Town Board battling cancer. I was re-elected to the Town Board (after beating Maurizio in the election, to which Maurizio remains very angry over) for these last two years, 2013 to 2014, which was my honor to serve the residents of this great community.

In fact, when I was re-elected to the Town Board in 2013, Mr. Kulkin and I had a frank discussion about this project along with the past town manager and I advised them both that I did not agree with it and I would not support it as presented. Was I for the FREE water treatment plant that Spring Mountain Motor Sports was wanting to place on the town’s fairgrounds FREE of charge to the residents? Yes I was, but your County Commissioners nixed that FREE five million dollar gift to the Town of Pahrump residents.

Maurizio states at the end of his letter that “when I (Maurizio) objected to spending money on this nonsense.” Really Maurizio, you yourself had no say on it except as a private citizen since you left the Town Board in 2010 after losing that election as well.

Maurizio finished with “Good riddance to them all. Now it’s time to take out the trash!” Seeing the Town Board is finishing up, I guess Maurizio is referring to the Board of County Commissioners as “Now it’s time to take out the trash” as he and his very small band of naysayers are saying their next move is to get rid of commissioners as well! Good luck with that one.

So I say to Maurizio, stop the lies and rumors that you and your small band of naysayers like to spread and get a life, because most of the residents in this great community don’t even know or care who you are.

Bill Dolan, CPO

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