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Letter to the Editor

People be aware, property owner means business

I’ve lived here for over 24 years, never had a problem with someone coming on my property. On February 11th, during the night hours, someone hit into one of the logs I have along my property line in front, got out of the vehicle and walked up to almost my house and removed an antique milk can, which I got from a friend 7 years ago. It’s been there that long.

On February 12th, the person came back, parked in my driveway, probably to remove something else, but was surprised when his vehicle lit up like a church. You see I put alarms on my property, and when it went off, I got my protection with a laser light on it and scared the rectum out of him. I know what you drive and I’ll be watching for you.

I can’t believe that you think you’ve got permission to steal from me. I’m 71 years old, and I work hard to keep my property clean and neat and to have you invade my home is beyond belief.

I’m a very firm believer in KARMA, and you eventually will get yours my friend, you can count on that.

Feel free to return the milk can, however I’d call before coming. My number is in the book.

Jim Cornell

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