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Letter to the Editor

Stupid law doesn’t conserve water, it wastes it

The state has on its books a law which says if you have water rights you (must use them or lose them) which means if you are not growing anything you must pump the water out on the ground and waste it. The law should be use as needed not lose. With the dry conditions we are having you would think we would want to conserve rather than waste and with the aquifer under this valley shrinking it’s stupid to waste the water plus the cost of running your pump and the time spent moving water wheels if you have them.

If you don’t use these rights the state steps in and grabs them to resell and keep the money or it gets greater control of our water supply.

Ken Causey

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Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor

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Letters to the Editor

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