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Letter to the Editor

Holidays have lost their true significance

I saw where retired Major Chaput believes Memorial Day has lost its true significance over the years. I could not agree more. I will go even further and say that many of the holidays we celebrate each year have lost their true significance.

There are reasons I believe for this occurrence, starting with when government decided to move the holidays from their official date to a floating date. Memorial Day when I was growing up was always on May 30th, not like this year on May 25th. President Lincoln (Feb. 12th) and President Washington (Feb. 22nd) had their own dates, not like now where they are combined into Presidents Day. The floating of the holidays was done so that there would be three-day weekends for everyone to enjoy. Forget the reason for the holiday, just know you have a three-day weekend to enjoy.

Along with the floating of the holidays is the lack of education teaching about the reasons for these holidays in American history and when the original dates were. From what I read about the history taught today it has been revised to be more politically correct and not necessarily accurate so as not to offend some people.

Lastly, I think that with some of the immigrant population not assimilating into being Americans and holding to their native country ways they do not appreciate our holidays.

I salute Major Chaput for his service and all veterans and active duty military personnel for their service as well.

Bruce Kline

An Army vet

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