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Letter to the Editor

Protecting our right to self-defense

The philosophy of the Democratic Party is that people should trust the government for all their needs and to achieve that goal the party requires total people control. Individual initiative by people to provide for their own existence and improving their life is an entrepreneurial spirit. It is mocked, hindered, or crushed by Democrats who require a mass group of people such as poorly educated and illegal immigrants to maintain birth-to-death control.

They believe that unless the public are denuded of their guns, control cannot be imposed on the population. Thus they campaign extensively to galvanize support for more gun control even as radical Islamic terrorism is increasing. In San Bernardino as in Paris, unarmed citizens were a soft target defenseless against terrorists. Only by allowing us self-defense can we resist terrorism. It is foolish to believe that the message “Gun Free Zone” will frighten a terrorist.

Gun control under whatever falsity is pandered, such as passing the New York SAFE Act limiting gun owners to 7-round magazines that are not even manufactured, is another act of harassment by the left. We must learn from history that Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other despots banned individual ownership of guns to gain and maintain control.

Robert A. Dahlquist

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DAN SCHINHOFEN: Let’s talk about the peaceful transition of power

For nearly 250 years the United States of America has had a peaceful transition of power in our government. Of course after Lincoln was elected the Democrats seceded from the Union, but other than that, when one party lost power in the House or Senate or the executive, the position of president or speaker of the house has been handed over without bloodshed or rancor.

TIM BURKE: My favorite season is fall, but not this year

The change from the summer to the fall season is always one of my favorite times of the year. In a normal, non-COVID-19 world, children would head off to school, our youth would be participating in fall sports, and many local events would be held for our community to attend.

DEBRA J. SAUNDERS: Lockdown hazard

The coronavirus debate is about much more than masks.

DEBRA J. SAUNDERS: Mike Pence’s calm conservatism

With his no-drama demeanor during the vice presidential debate Wednesday, Pence showed America how Trump would look if he acted like a politician: like a president.

Is this ‘cartoon existence’ really living?

As I was binge watching the last season of “The Blacklist”, I was surprised it only had 19 episodes. What was stranger was a few minutes into the 19th episode they cut in with cast and crew telling us that they were in the middle of filming when COVID-19 restrictions kicked in. After making sure to tell us to be safe and other platitudes, they then went back to the show, but half of it was cartoon and the other half live action.

Letters to the Editor

Is no electoral college moving toward no constitution?