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Letter to the editor

Service animals don’t belong in grocery carts

To Whom It May Concern:

I am a citizen here in Pahrump.

It has come to my attention recently that we are being overrun with so-called service animals in our stores (grocery stores).

Now I have tried to be reasonable with all of the managers and anyone else, including the health department. I cannot get anybody to stop and think about how unhealthy it is to put animals in the push carts and the riding carts that we put our groceries and our babies in! I don’t understand the mentality of mixing animals and people food!

My question is – since when did the animals become more important than our health???

Please don’t misunderstand, I am all for service animals doing their job taking care of their humans, but the so-called pets that people are bringing into the stores should be made to prove they are in fact trained by professional service animal trainers, and wear tags to show what they are doing in the store. There is one store that doesn’t let animals in their carts!

Please people, love your pets and companions enough to leave them at home where it is cool.

Terry Gauthier

Green Party thanks PVT for balanced coverage

On behalf of the Nye County Green Party, we would like to thank you for the wonderfully kind, balanced and generous coverage you gave us in your Aug. 17 issue of the Pahrump Valley Times (p. A2)!

In this sometimes-divisive political climate in which we find ourselves, occasionally news services can subconciously appear to show favoritism toward one major party or the other in the stories they choose to report.

But we want to say “thank you” for your journalistic integrity in allowing third political parties a voice in our community, as well.

We were pleasantly surprised with the length and detail you put into explaining who we are, what our goals are, and what challenges we currently face with current Nevada laws.

Your reporter. Ms. Sokolova, obviously took an interest in her research and wrote an outstanding piece to introduce us to Pahrump. Thank you again, for making our presence in Pahrump feel welcomed!


John A Biggs

Luane Hendricks

Thomas Rasmussen

Thank you for successful PDOP donation dinner

Thank you to all that made our donation dinner for the Pahrump Disability Outreach Program.

To the volunteers at the Moose Lodge, and Chapter, I commend you for your expertise and dedication to this program. I can’t mention names for fear of forgetting someone, but let me tell you all how proud and honored I am to serve with you.

To our community, thank you for all your support, to the businesses that donated for our drawing, we really appreciate it very much.

To Dave and Hilda for starting this program to help those in need, your dedication is unbelievable.

We were very successful and look forward to scheduling this event again next year.

I would like to see those who we’ve had donation dinners for come out and support the other dinners we do also. It would be great to see you more often. It would be appreciated by all I’m sure.

Thank you again from the bottom of my heart.

Jim Cornell

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