LETTER TO THE EDITOR: “Anyone but Rick” signs

“Anyone but Rick” signs

The individual or individuals who made up the above-captioned signs and placed them at various locations in Pahrump undoubtedly believed that Mr. Marshall was not qualified to be Sheriff of Nye County. Mr. Marshall was arrested and charged with stealing some of those signs. Also, there seems to be a question of how well he gets along with his co-workers. The PVT recently wrote there is a morale problem in the department he supervises.

Moreover, there remains the issue that Mr. Marshall must have failed to carry out his duty as a sworn officer of the law when he neglected to arrest or to have his son-in-law, Sergeant Horn, arrested for possession and being under the influence of drugs while serving as a peace officer. It’s inconceivable that a trained officer of the law would not notice something unusual about a fellow officer under the influence of drugs. The PVT reported that it was a long kept dirty little secret in the sheriff’s office. Recently I met Sharon Wehrly, also a candidate for sheriff, and I asked her if she would arrest her family members if she knew they were breaking the law. She said, “Yes, I had my sons arrested when they were breaking the law.” Ms. Wehrly, you have my vote.

We need a new face to run the sheriff’s office. I believe Ms. Wehrly with her background in law enforcement and a proven record of fairness is that person who will be an asset both to our community and NCSO. Ms. Wehrly did not ask me, nor did I tell her that I had written this article.

Jim Ferrell

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