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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Bob Jones is a good Samaritan and American

Bob Jones is a good Samaritan and American

On May 16, 2014, I was coming back from a fishing trip at Eagle Valley when my truck decided to just quit running. I coasted to a Shell station and didn’t know what to do. I have RV insurance, but by the time they would show and either tow me to Cedar City or Las Vegas from Panaca, Nevada, the towing charges would have killed me.

No one knew how to work on diesel engines at the gas station there. You’d think with all the farm equipment existing on the farms someone would know how to fix my problem. Well, no such luck.

I called my son to see if he had any ideas, and sure enough, Bob Jones came to the rescue. He had a one-ton dually and a flatbed trailer. No questions asked, he told my son to take it and help your dad and get him home.

We had asked other friends, but they were too afraid to let their equipment go so far to load my truck and bring it back to Pahrump.

I know if I lived in District 4, Bob would certainly have my vote, just for being the person he is. He doesn’t even know me, yet he let my son take his vehicles to help me out. What a great man you are, Bob.

I am certainly indebted to you for helping. You are a great American and savior.

James Cornell

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