Letter to the editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

A poem for Christmas

It was a cold, dark night in late December;

A beautiful night, one will always remember.

Out in the stable, a lady gave birth;

Which brought Jesus down … right here … to Earth!

Kings and shepherds brought gifts to rejoice.

And there was silence … when the cry came, from the new baby’s voice.

Animals came from a faraway land,

Their only map was to follow the star of Bethlehem.

Their heads filled with AAAHHHH!

Their hearts filled with joy.

The Savior was born, a beautiful … baby … boy.

Christmas was started in late December,

A wonderful night, one will always remember.

A time to be grateful, giving gifts filled with love,

To honor, worship, and pray to the Lord God above.

We’ve built Him an altar, we’ve come forth to His steeple,

Because He sheds His love with us to many kinds of people.

Jesus walks within us, right amongst the crowd,

And that is why we walk with pride …and stand tall … very proud.

Jesus gave away His life, He died to make men free.

So we should learn to live and give and love through charity.

By Kory A. DeNeal

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