LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Pope should be given same treatment as Jesus

Pope should be given same treatment as Jesus

My old eyes had to take a double take of about a 5” column on page A-3 in the R-J on May 10: “Pope urges legitimate redistribution of wealth”! Incredulous was my first reaction — a world class man of the cloth leading probably the largest established church on planet Earth!

That diatribe was nothing less than Communist, atheistic blather, which was responsible for the mass murders of millions of innocent human beings during the tragic World War II and its successor, the horrendous Cold War of the 70’s and 80’s!

Pope Francis may not realize it, but with that anti-free market — anti-capitalist and anti-American diatribe, proves to the world that he is a wolf in sheep’s clothing, big time! His papal lesson on economics ignores St. Paul’s recognition of the “positive role of business, the market and private property” as the model which ought to be proposed for the Third World.

In great contrast, Pope Pius XII, of the WW2 era, detested Communism and exposed its evil philosophy publicly with absolute emotional fervor! Isn’t progress something to behold?

For the betterment of all human beings, this Francis guy should not only be defrocked, and his humongous cache of gold spread among his lambs — he should be given the same treatment forced upon the greatest man of the cloth: JESUS CHRIST!

May God forever save us from such evil sinners.

Vince Bogdan

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