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LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where is our representation?

Where is our representation?

Strange thing, politics. The incorporation issue in Pahrump has been turned down more times than I can remember (3). Then the ballot contained the initiative to eliminate the Pahrump Town Board. The voters decided to do that very thing. Politicians, of course, took the position that the voters didn’t know what they were doing. Off to the State of Nevada Supreme Court goes the appeal by Harley Kulkin. Not satisfied with the Court’s decision, Harley tried to get a petition up, and signed, to countermand the court. It, too, failed. Harley is determined to overrule the voters.

I then look back on Amargosa Valley. We have been discriminated against, by the Nye County Commissioners and the District Attorney’s Office. A petition was passed around Amargosa Valley to approve of a ‘feasibility study’ to change our town board to an elected town board. The 100 or so that signed, were informed it was for a feasibility study. I refused to sign the petition, for fear that if the board was changed, we would face economic ruin.

Here is where the fraud creeps in. The Amargosa Valley Town Board was never voted on by the residents, following due process. The petition did not constitute the will of the voters. The county commissioners, surprisingly, decided to change the town board, despite the absence of a vote.

All during that period, Joe DeLee and John Bosta were telling everyone that Amargosa Valley was to receive $700,000 from Solar Millennium, annually. It has already been allocated; $350,000 to the Town and $350,000 to the Fire Dept. Just recently, I have noticed collection jars placed around the valley, to collect funding for the Fire Dept. What? When asked, “Do you think you are smarter than Northtown?” Our town board members responded, “Yes.” The question becomes, “What has happened to all of that money? Has the town board lost the funding? Has it miscalculated? Are there sufficient funds to meet the budget? Is Amargosa broke?”

Pahrump, you got far more representation than we have received. You should consider yourselves quite fortunate.

Wayne P. Brotherton, Sr.

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