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Letter: What about those roundabouts and fraud votes?

Did I read there were 4,700 fraud votes in two or three counties for Hillary? If so, the question about “Gun Safety” would have been Yes” selected too.

It would be prudent of the Nevada State Attorney General to see how many fraud votes for said “Gun Safety” were cast statewide since it was a very close vote. I would think it may change the outcome of the vote so there won’t be a problem with an unenforceable law on record.

If recount minus fraud votes don’t change the outcome of the vote, there needs to be a recount challenge for legality.

Change of subject: The half-completed roundabouts appear to show that completed roundabouts will have a diameter of 40 to 50 feet. This small size will most likely have many more accidents than the present stop signs presently in place. We’ll see soon – whenever they are completed.

Henry A. Hurlbut III

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