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Letters to editor: Hospital staff thanked for exemplary service

Hospital staff thanked for exemplary service

Big thanks to Desert View Hospital – five stars!

Thanks to Dr. Hirsh, Dr. Hockenberry, ER Dr. Anderson and the whole staff at this hospital.

All the doctors are knowledgeable and can think out of the box. They all went over and above to help my husband Wayne. They all work long hours and are dedicated to helping their patients.

The staff, from the cleaning lady, to blood, respiration, RN, CNA, and a special thanks to Gia. Wow, could she stick a needle! All were so sweet and kind to my husband and I thank them all for their wonderful service.

Dr. Hirsh called our lung doctor and told him the extra test he wanted done and all the things he needed to do, and set up an appointment ASAP. The records department got me the ER record in four hours. The nice girl at the front desk helped me. To Barbara from records – a big thanks. We are so lucky to have them all.

My husband was in the hospital for seven days. If he had seen a doctor instead of a P.A. for four years in Vegas, we could have solved some of the problems ahead of time. We all know we need more equipment in Pahrump so we don’t have to go to Vegas 60 miles away.

Thanks to everybody, God bless.

P.S. They also have a pastor that sounds and looks like Morgan Freeman. He is a plus – tall and a voice from heaven.

Wayne and Arlene Capasso

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