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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Inconsiderate driver throws garbage out window

After my letter about the trash on Highway 160, this happened yesterday as I was driving home. I was behind a white Dodge minivan and an object came flying out the window and hit the ground from the Dodge. It was about the size of a softball. It hit the ground and bounced up into the radiator of a passing semi tractor-trailer. The object had shattered and went flying into my vehicle, hitting the grill, hood and windshield. It was as though he was trying to hit the semi but forgot I was behind him.

At first I thought he threw out a big chunk of ice. I didn’t stop but followed him to the Dollar

General, where he turned in. I pulled in behind him and went to confront him about what he did. I asked him what the hell he threw out the window and he said a cup of coffee from the bank, (bull s—-). I never said a thing and he started making excuses about how he has

Parkinson’s and he is doing the best he can. I looked over and saw his window was rolled up. You have to roll it down to throw something out. What does that have to do with Parkinson’s? He lied about the coffee cup. I believe he did indeed have Parkinson’s, but what does that have to do with throwing a projectile out the window in front of a semi? He did this on purpose but didn’t figure on me behind him.

He also said he lived here in Pahrump but he had Arizona license plates. Someone here knows this man so be careful of him. He does have a mean, hateful streak in him.

Larry Allen

We can be part of the solution in garbage issue

This letter is in response to Larry Massing’s letter published in the Dec. 7 PVT asking for suggestions on dealing with litter on the highway. The simplest solution is to get involved and clean a section of the road that bothers you. A mile walk picking up the bottles once a week would keep that mile pretty litter-free.

You could also sponsor a section of road through Keeping America Beautiful or Adopt a Highway programs. Many youth activity groups also need to raise funds and this could be an ongoing way to help the youth while keeping the road cleaner.

Taxes and fees are generally not well received in Pahrump as the people here enjoy their freedoms and in general would not enjoy a bottle deposit or such. I find it fairly easy to take a small grocery bag with me on my daily walks with my beautiful golden retrievers and pick up any litter on our walking routes.

I invite you to be part of the solution, and not simply a finger-pointer. Together we can make the community a better place.

Tim Kelly

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