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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Lowering transport costs

We’ve become aware that use of the air ambulance from Pahrump to a Las Vegas medical facility may create a financial crisis for many patients.

According to a corporate representative, maintaining “air bases” is among factors that contribute to their fee. Since a helicopter landing pad is located on the Desert View Hospital campus, patients are flown directly from the hospital. By expanding on what is already available it may be possible to substantially reduce associated costs. What if Desert View Hospital entered into an arrangement with the corporation that owns the helicopters and provided in-depth support?

For example, space might be assigned within the hospital to accommodate pilots and medical staff, to include rest and sleeping quarters. The air crews could also be provided with meals and a lounge or standby room. Expansion on hospital grounds could serve as a refueling station and for aircraft maintenance … Let’s continue thinking outside the box. Geographically, Nye County covers one of the largest areas among subdivisions of its kind in the country, and driving from here to there can take up valuable time. Being able to reach the farthest destinations quickly would be an important asset to the essential functions of local government. What if the Board of Nye County Commissioners took a strong position concerning official and emergency air travel and entered into a partnership with our hospital to subsidize their expenses? Based on such an arrangement, the two helicopters currently stationed in Pahrump would be continuously available to the Nye County Sheriff’s Office and other county departments as needed. The simple logic is that with more contributors, costs can be lowered for air ambulance service. It is even possible to visualize a time when Nye County and Desert View Hospital enter into a lease/purchase agreement and become joint owners of two helicopters. It could set a precedent, and provide the fullest support for the official and emergency needs of Nye County.

One can only hope our political leaders and medical administrators will remain committed and open-minded, as they seek ways to improve services for all county residents.

Ralph Bazan

Reaction to reader letter

(In response to Cathy Martin): In your recent letter, it sounds more like you want to change Pahrump rather than address the issue with the high cost and flippant way that our air ambulance service is used. Bad way to start out as a business owner in this town if you ask me.

Sort of like saying “Hey welcome to our business, oh and we are here to change your lifestyle and destroy everything you love about your town” Not good… That said, please tell me why a full flight from Las Vegas to the Grand Canyon for a party of 4 to land, eat lunch, and then fly back is 900 dollars and a flight to Vegas for 20 minutes to a hospital is (more than $52,000)? How come that cost can be brought down to around 4,000 dollars (Most likely its actual cost) with a few filings of some paperwork if one does not have enough money to pay or insurance? Why do our doctors here in our supposed “hospital” seemingly wish to fly people to Vegas for anything more serious than a hangnail? Perhaps your “new business” benefits from this in some way?

For most of us that have been here a while and moved here from bigger cities, this place is far more affordable, and has far less regulations and that suits us just fine. Telling people “The county commissioners needs to change and will change” sounds more like a threat to our lifestyle out here by bringing in big government, and helps no one in this discussion of the cost of a simple flight to Las Vegas for a medical emergency. Perhaps next letter you can sound a bit less condescending as most of us did not move here to “be a big fish in a little pond” nor to “escape scrutiny,” but simply to be left alone from people like yourself who think you can stomp into town, and tell people what is expensive, what isn’t, and how you are going to single-handedly lead the change for “change.”

Robert Anders

Thank you expressed

On behalf of all of the citizens that have been helped over the past three years at the annual Remote Area Medical Clinic, I would like to thank the Nye County Commissioners for their continued support of this event. Recently the board voted to approve a grant request in the amount of $7,500 towards the 2019 RAM clinic.

The funds received from the county will go directly to serving residents with free medical, dental, vision, and mental health care at the 2019 clinic to be held October 4th-6th on the Pahrump Valley High School campus.

Over the past 3 years, we have been able to provide over $500,000 worth of free care to our community through this event.

Without the support of the Nye County commissioners and the numerous other organizations that contribute, this would not be possible.

Next time you see your county commissioner, take the time to thank them for supporting the health and welfare of our great community. With gratitude,

Ryan Muccio

co-chair Pahrump Remote Area

Medical Clinic

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