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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

New York trip is compared to an air ambulance ride to Las Vegas

Granted, it is only 16 miles from JFK International Airport to the center of Manhattan, and six people can be flown for $1,800 as is advertised, so how can one justify $60,000 for a trip to Vegas from Pahrump for one person, flown about three times as far?

It is far more expensive for everything in New York. Why the aircraft New York uses is $12,300,000 and the aircraft flown here can’t be more than $2M. Are the pilots and medics making more than New York pilots? I doubt it, this is just another scam taking advantage of their fellow human beings in their time of need!

Mike Straub

Is Congress doing the job that its members were elected to do?

Looking everywhere to find a crime – that is not the job of Congress, but law enforcement. There is none so pure they can’t be found guilty of something that’s against some or one of the many thousands of man-made laws somewhere. But that is not Congress’ job to search for them. Their job is to help make laws and appropriate funds to benefit all of the American citizens of this country, not to serve themselves.

If Congress (House and Senate progressives) continue to search for the president of the United States’ perceived crimes then they are not performing the job they were elected to do. Shouldn’t the law enforcement officials and judges as well as the citizens have the right to prosecute them?

Darlene Nix is correct in calling for the investigation of those who only want to investigate our president, as their jobs go unfulfilled.

Henry Hurlbut

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