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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

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anti-Trump letter to editor

Ralph Bazan completely proves the old adage that a lie oft repeated is soon believed. Each of his truly fake talking points comes straight from left-leaning media that continually scream the sky is falling. The widespread divisiveness has been created by the biased, Trump-hating media, and is perpetuated by the likes of Mr. Bazan and his ilk who believe them.

The fact is that President Trump has achieved a lot of good over the past several years and those achievements do benefit Americans.

David Perlman

Maybe confiscating guns not answer to violence

Regarding the Review-Journal August 5 story “32 dead in mass shootings”:

So now Congress and the liberals will condemn guns of any type and everyone will be writing new anti-Second Amendment laws to confiscate law-abiding gun owners’ “weapons of mass killings.”

It seems to me that if this is done then confiscating automobiles should be done also as they kill more than guns do every year. Then good drivers are hindered in their daily lives – can’t drive to the store, can’t use the auto for work, can’t drive to the hospital or health clinics, and will have to wait for government approved transportation to go anywhere or conform to UN Agenda 21 and walk or bicycle to wherever they want to go, because they live in townhomes per UN requirements.

So we eliminate the good guys’ guns and the bad guys take over because they and the government (if not the same), have the power to stop any unrest or opposition to their requirements, like Cuba, China, Iraq, etc. Really now, is this what we want in this country?

How about a new solution to the problem? Maybe sue, or take licenses away from doctors who prescribe meds for most of these shooters and don’t warn local law enforcement or the FBI of the possibility of violence to come. Thus law enforcement can at least be alerted. They may check for recent gun purchases or bulk ammo buys.

There has got to be better ways than gun confiscation don’t you all think?

Henry Hurlbut

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