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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader is still waiting for Pahrump information

For the past two years, while on vacation in San Diego, my wife visits a local allergy clinic for allergy injections. This past summer the receptionist, who we’ve gotten to know at the clinic, talked to my wife and I about retiring soon and is considering a move to Pahrump.

I told her on our return to Pahrump we would send her the necessary information she requested about our town.

On Monday morning (September 9th), I visited the Pahrump Chamber of Commerce and asked them to send our friend in San Diego a packet about Pahrump. I was given the telephone number of the Tourist Bureau for a packet. I called the Tourist Bureau and the lady there gave me a telephone number to call. I called the number the lady gave me, and it was the Chamber of Commerce. The lady there took my name and cell phone number and told me she would get back to me.

It’s now three days later and I’m still waiting. Need I say more?


Richard E. Semerjian

Seeking support for Rural Access to Hospice Act

Americans facing the end-of-life and their caregivers should have easy access to high-quality hospice care. Unfortunately, patients served by Rural Health Clinics and Federally Qualified Health Centers face additional barriers to accessing care.

Due to a quirk in current law, these patients are unable to keep their RHC/FQHC physician when they transition to hospice. As an office manager in Las Vegas, I think this is unfair. Patients facing the end of life should not have to leave their trusted physician and travel perhaps miles to find another one.

Thankfully, the Rural Access to Hospice Act would fix this problem by adding “hospice attending physician services” to the bundled payments that RHCs and FQHCs receive. In practice, this means RHC and FQHC physicians can continue to oversee their patients’ hospice care and ensure continuity of care during a difficult time.

Hospice care should not be limited to only those Americans living in wealthy, suburban areas. Please cosponsor the Rural Access to Hospice Act to ensure that all Americans, regardless of zip code, can access the important end-of-life care they deserve.


Maria Gudewicz

Sad turnout at classical music performance at Pahrump’s library

On Friday, Sept. 6 the Pahrump String Quartet put on a musical for one hour at the Pahrump Community Library.

I was sorry to see so many empty seats. Come out and support your local musicians!

Sandra Jones

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TIM BURKE: First Amendment protects free speech, not violence

In the rural counties of Nevada, it is not uncommon to have residents assemble and express their conservative viewpoints. Here in Pahrump, during patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July, you might find someone standing along the main roadways waving an American flag to show their support for this country. It is also common to see American flags attached to residents’ cars and trucks around town. These residents are exercising their First Amendment rights.