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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader dissatisfied with response to area break-ins

Recently there have been multiple cars and homes being broken into on Meier Drive and surrounding streets and the Nye County Sheriff’s Office seems to not care.

Wednesday night at about 12 a.m., they knocked on my door and said that they had a report that a prowler had stormed into my house, which was not true because I had not called the coroner’s office.

The deputies then went to my neighbor’s house and told him the same thing. Now which house was it? The answer is neither! I went into my backyard with a high-powered flashlight looking around my property and it seems like they got excited about me looking and asked my wife who was that in the back yard. It was me doing what they should have been doing. That was the end of their investigation for now so they left.

We also own the property across the street. I went over there to check that property out and as I drove down the driveway I saw that the gate was open. When I parked my truck with the headlights facing the back door, I noticed that the door was open about two inches and that the window was broken out. I then had my wife call them back.

They finally made entry for about two minutes and said that the window had fallen out by itself. With broken glass inside the house, the frame bent really badly and a large rock on the porch makes me wonder how competent the sheriff’s office is in doing an investigation.

This house is being used for storage only, with boxes stored in it. The one deputy asked if code enforcement had ever been by. This person is supposed to be investigating a home invasion, not code enforcement! At this point he had me pissed off and I told him that this was private property and that they could leave because I will handle this problem.

I want NCSO to know that all people in Pahrump aren’t the criminals they portray us to be. So treat us as such! You have to give respect to get respect!

There have been numerous calls on these thefts and the sheriff’s office won’t release the number because it is too embarrassing to them. They would rather give tickets for someone not coming to a complete stop at a stop sign so they can approach the driver with their gun drawn to intimidate someone. I will not be intimidated by anyone. I want these thieves to know that I have been trained by the best on how to get back at you. The North Vietnamese army was very good at it and so am I.

Carl Miller

Beatty High School grad expresses disappointment

My name is Summer Taylor, I graduated at Beatty High School with the class of 2019. I wrote a letter to Dale Norton, the superintendent of the Nye County School District for I am very disappointed with this school district.

I have a brother who is a sophomore who attends Beatty High School, a little sister who is in seventh grade that attends Beatty Middle School, and I also have friends who attend Pahrump Valley High School as well. 9/11 is a very emotional tragic day, and it is something that is to never be forgotten about.

With that being said, multiple schools within Nye County did not talk about 9/11 whatsoever, they didn’t show any video footage, nor did they even do a moment of silence.

My brother and sister both stated nothing was done at school. When it was asked of one of the teachers as to why not, they said that the past is behind us and we do not need to keep bringing up the depressing times.

Therefore, I am very disappointed with this school district, as well as several other people. I am reaching out to you in hopes that you can help spread the word on how important it is to others, and how several people including myself are disappointed with the district.

Thank you!

Summer Taylor

New resident appreciates PVT staff member’s help

I was really sorry to see Mr. Semerjian’s letter in the Friday, Sept. 13 edition of the Pahrump Valley Times. I would like to offer a suggestion to him.

I contacted the Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce, and, fortunately for me, they forwarded the recent edition of the Pahrump Community Visitor and relocation Guide that has a wonderful street map of the area and a few informative short brochures of this area.

I got the phone number of the PV Times that was listed in the guide and called their office. A lady by the name of Doreen and I spoke for a period of time and she arranged to send me a copy of the PV Times, (the twice-monthly Nifty Nickel) and a list of Realtors. I suggest going in and speaking with Doreen at the PV Times office. Maybe she could assist your friend in San Diego. She sure helped me tremendously as I relocated here from Arizona!!

Dave Thomas

Firearms perceived as good by forefathers

I recently came across a little box with four small books of quotations of Washington, T. Roosevelt, Jefferson and Lincoln.

In the Washington book I found this quote;

“The very atmosphere of firearms anywhere and everywhere restrains evil interference —- they deserve a place of honor with all that is good.” George Washington.

Arnie Breitenbach

Retired LAPD Detective

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