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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader gives kudos to Beatty graduate

I want to take this opportunity to thank Summer Taylor, a graduate from Beatty High School, for her recent letter expressing disappointment in the Nye County School District.

Apparently this young lady has more intelligence and patriotism in her than the “teacher” who allegedly responded so pathetically to her or her siblings. The teacher’ comment was so inappropriate that it equals a Congresswoman’s “some people did something” comment.

I can tell you as a former New Yorker, but more important, as an American, I and many others who experienced that horrible day will never forget. This is part of the history of our country and describes what people who hate our country can and will do to us.

May I suggest to Mr. Norton and the unnamed teacher that we get back to teaching American history and stop indoctrinating our young people. Teach them the history, the facts that the textbooks lay out and give them enough credit to make decisions and draw their own conclusions about the country and world they live in.

In addition, a district-wide moment of silence would be at least a small sign of respect for those who lost their lives and the families who have lost loved ones. If that is too difficult for either of you, then maybe you should consider stepping aside.

God Bless you, Summer, and your family. Thanks again.

Tom Mazzola

Is it already too late to save our planet?

A letter was recently published, extolling the virtues of a carbon tax to mitigate climate damage. Every effort to bring attention to our biosphere’s dire situation is laudable. However, the cold, frightening truth is still being hidden.

Our planetary “tipping point” was reached in the late 1980s. There is no action we can take to reset our planet’s imbalance. No congressional bill can make the slightest dent in our unfolding disaster. No Paris Climate Conference can tackle the scope of civilization’s onslaught on the planet’s functions.

Environmental research is not as much fun as watching cat videos. I get it. You’d rather not know how close we are to extinction. Okay. But it matters because the time is short. Think years, not decades. How will you choose to spend these waning times of normalcy?

I guess I could wear a billboard with “The End is Near” message, like the cartoons depict. I’d rather thank the Pahrump Valley Times for allowing us to opportunity to share opinions, views, and factual information. I am a citizen scientist with over 20 years of advanced atmospheric and environmental studies. And I’m afraid.

My suggestion would be to eliminate one or two kitty videos a day and substitute a credible environmental discussion instead. The hidden truths are only hidden if you fail to investigate. Your life may depend on it.

Patty Vinikow

Why can’t we give credit where credit is due?

It seems we have someone who actually knows what our Constitution and Bill of Rights is really about. Kudos! Sure beats the rantings of a couple of locals who definitely don’t like our elected president and make like the new Democratic Party is our only savior.

Yet people still listen to these people who spout, “If you like your doctor you can keep your doctor.” “If you like your present plan you can keep your insurance plan.” “The Affordable Care Plan won’t allow illegals to use it,” etc. Remember?

It’s time to look at the reality of what’s said than is actually correct and accomplished.

New jobs, new manufacturers, lower unemployment, higher wages, etc., so far has not been recognized by those who couldn’t produce when in power themselves, yet people still listen to them. Why?

Henry Hurlbut

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