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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Times reader continues to fact check letters

Mr. Culshaw, you are once again wrong about your facts. You stated that it is not Democratic propaganda that Trump tried to get a foreign government to dig up dirt against a political opponent. You’re wrong. This is from Trump’s own transcript of the call: “There’s a lot of talk about Biden’s son … so whatever you can do with the Attorney General would be great. Biden went around bragging … so if you can look into it …” Again, it’s NOT Democratic propaganda; it’s the truth. To top it off, Trump followed that up by urging China “to start an investigation into the Bidens.” Democratic propaganda? I think NOT!

I have nothing against Republicans but I do get irritated about all the bending of the facts or outright lying about the facts when it comes to Trump. He already tells enough lies (that have been fact-checked) to be cause for impeachment on the grounds he is violating the oath he took. I will continue to fact check those who write letters to the editor in an attempt to spread their own propaganda.

CJ Stevens

Resident frustrated by inconsiderate drivers on 160

I wonder, every time I drive on Highway 160 going into town, where some people got their driver’s license. They sit on a side street and as soon as they see a car coming they pull out in front of you.

Frustrating – one has to kick out cruise control. The worst part is, they then go 40 to 45 mph in front of me!

They are so ignorant and non-caring about others on the highway.

Heidy C. Coonan

Let’s be clear on what socialism entails

Although it’s been said, “control the language, then you can control the thinking, thus control behavior.”

The unnamed letter writer, in referring to all the “socialist favoring” candidates for the 2020 election must have slept or never learned the definition of “socialism”, which admitting many are putting caveats or downright definition changes.

For example, the literal meaning of Nazi is the “national socialist workers party.” Also, they did not ban private ownership of business, in fact it was encouraged but had strict government oversight. The thought of course being the government is so efficient, caring, competent and are always looking out for those they govern. The only problem I see is, if you do have a dispute with government, where is the final moderator and where do their loyalties lie?

David Jaronik

P.S. I do feel sorry for Mr. George Tucker with his anxiety about guns and does he feel the same anxiety about vehicles? After all, statistically speaking, the odds of being hurt or killed by the latter are a great deal higher. Could it be the person who controls it is the answer in both cases?

Letter writer clarifies impeachment information

Those who can not remember the past are condemned to repeat it.

CJ Stevens, you commented on my article dealing with the history of impeachment in our country. You claim I stated history needs to be our judge on impeachment. I made no such claim. I only presented the historical facts about impeachment. So I suggest go back and actually read my first letter to the editor.

While we are on the subject of historical events though, you indicate Obama’s administration was far better than Trump’s presidency. Obviously you and other Democrats have forgotten the many scandals Obama was party to. So let’s start with Operation Fast and Furious.

Being a true Democrat you may have developed a convenient memory lapse regarding what took place. So I’ll remind you. The Obama administration put hundreds of guns into the hands of Mexican cartel members. One of the guns was used to kill a border control agent. Funny, I don’t remember President Trump ever arming cartel members. You also probably forgot the Obama administration shut down the investigation, obstructed justice.

2011 – FAA shutdown. In 2011, 4,000 government employees furloughed. Plus planes sat idle on tarmacs the entire time.

2012 – terrorist attack on our embassy in Benghazi. Our ambassador and three others were killed. The Obama administration claimed it was a peaceful demonstration gone awry. But knew it was a terrorist attack.

2012 – Hilary Clinton investigated for using a private email server to circumvent federal open-records laws. She didn’t want her emails to come under the scrutiny of the news media or Congress.

2012 – The Obama administration allowed the IRS to investigate political opponents.

2014 – 47 of Obama’s 73 inspector generals sign a letter of complaint. They alleged the administration was stonewalling their investigations.

CJ, it’s obvious you and your political party have forgotten the past. So you are destined to repeat the same mistakes.

Scott Culshaw

New dictators for new countries in the U.S.

New Calimexico is defying all federal law by their governor and legislators. It looks like a coup d’etat to become a new country, yet they will take federal funds to help with their problems – fires, rain, mudslides, highway repairs and development, etc.

I can not believe the California people, especially all citizens could allow these politicians they elected to help straighten California’s problems to exacerbate them even more.

Independents, Tea Party, Democrats and Republicans all should be up in arms about what’s promised and what’s actually happening to their freedoms and taxes.

In some respects, Nevadans ought to be concerned, as our leaders seem to be starting out like the above. To not see what good has been done since Trump became president is to be anti-American – whether you like him personally or not.

These are truly sad times.

Henry Hurlbut

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