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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Letter writer sincerely apologetic for mistake

I sincerely would like to apologize to Ms. CJ for my assuming that she was a he, it was wrong to do so.

But regardless, I do consider your letters to be well researched, thoughtful and educational, so don’t let my ignorance in this matter or anyone else’s in other areas stop you from voicing thoughtful opinions.


David Jaronik

Our civil rights versus our common sense

While reading in the PVT that members of the Nye County Board of Commissioners have expressed alarm over a possible gun ban at the Pahrump library, I shook my head in disbelief. Seriously?

To disallow firearms within the tranquil setting of a library, a place intended solely for intellectual pursuits, is or should be a given. It is astonishing that anyone, especially elected officials, would regard such a restriction as a threat to Second Amendment rights.

Folks, take a second look at the Second Amendment. Where in that document does it make reference to premises such as schools, churches, stores or public buildings of any type? And in what part does it distinguish between concealed or open carry? In a civil society reasoned choices are made as circumstances suggest. Unless you are officially authorized, try entering the courthouse with a gun on your hip or a rifle slung over your shoulder.

We know that guns on school campuses, other than those carried by security personnel, have never been allowed anywhere in the nation. Although in some districts there is a move on to arm teachers. And yet, within the past decade, there have been numerous shooting incidents on school grounds resulting in deaths or serious injuries.

In America and elsewhere, places of worship have been targeted by those who are motivated by hate, are mentally deranged or merely desire to kill as a means of assuaging their personal distress.

Some proclaim that carrying a gun as self-protection also enables them to protect others. Frankly, I’m more than a little skeptical about the judgment, if not the marksmanship of those who feel the need to be armed whenever they leave home.

Consider the words of Commissioner Leo Blundo, who was quoted in part: “This is exactly how it begins, ban one small piece of the library for kids, in practice it bans the entire property.” And, “We as the Board of County Commissioners, voted unanimously to be a Second Amendment Sanctuary County.”

Sorry, but those comments don’t swell my chest with pride or purpose.

To be clear, I respect the right of sane, and law-abiding citizens to own guns for self-defense and other acceptable activities, like hunting or competition shooting. I own a gun, and trust me, I know how to use it.

But the fact remains that tragic mistakes can happen when an exalted perception of our civil rights takes precedence over common sense.

Ralph Bazan

VFW thanks community for great Poppy Drive

I would like to thank the Pahrump community for their support during our most recent Poppy Drive held at Smiths and Walmart on the 5th of November 2019. Your combined contributions assisted this post in ensuring that our veterans in the Pahrump Valley are taken care of. The monies raised goes into our relief account and is utilized to assist veterans with electric bills, medical bills and gasoline vouchers.

I would also like to thank the Pahrump Valley High School ROTC Color Guard and the community for their support on Veterans Day. This was the best turnout that we have had in the last five years, and whoever donated the 20 boxes of pizza from Pizza Hut – THANK YOU!

For the community at large, there is a preconceived notion that we are a closed post and cannot allow personnel into the post … this is false. Due to Nevada gaming laws, (we have gaming machines), we must allow persons not associated with this organization into the club. All we ask is that you sign our guest log. We are open 7 days a week.

Marty Aguiar

Post Commander

Reader responds to letter on gun control

Earth and Henry to Mr. Crooks. Dennis, do you own any weapons for self-protection? Have you heard about the “Red Flag” law being passed?

Do you have anyone who dislikes you enough to say, report you as a dangerous person with guns? If so, you’ve been deprived of owning any and are guilty until you prove your innocence, or maybe never get to because when they come to take them they don’t knock and wait for you to answer, they just break in and if you try to protect yourself with your gun against a violent break-in are shot dead.

Tell me and America this isn’t gun confiscation.

Henry Hurlbut

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