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Letters to editor of the Pahrump Valley Times

Reader outraged by teen’s treatment of puppy

I am OUTRAGED at the teen who killed that defenseless pit bull puppy because the puppy chewed his shoes. People like him should not be allowed to have pets. EVERYONE knows that puppies like to chew whatever they can find while in their puppy stage. What an idiot he is! I don’t think animal abuse cases are punished severely enough. Maybe if the scum who abuses the defenseless animals were treated EXACTLY how they treated the animals, plus a lengthy jail/prison time (put them in with the people who like to hurt their victims), there might be fewer cases. People need to know that they can receive severe punishment for these acts of cruelty.

Hurting a defenseless animal is like hurting a child or an elderly person. They don’t have the means to protect themselves. When this 17-year-old waste of a human being goes to court, I hope the judge throws the book at him. It absolutely breaks my heart to read about such offenses.

Thank you for taking the time to read this.


Kathi Fraser

Commuter commends NDOT worker

It’s not often one finds commendations for government officials these days, but I would like to publicly acknowledge an engineer with the Department of Transportation in Las Vegas. His name is Don Christiansen.

Last month I became infuriated with the pilot car stoppages in Pahrump along Highway 160. I live on the very north end, and never knew when I’d have to leave by a side road to get into town. This caused me lost time and extra gas and aggravation.

Eventually, my phone calls led me to Mr. Christiansen’s office. He took my concerns seriously, and called me back with updates and information about the construction progress. He even took my suggestion to contact our Pahrump Valley Times, and hence the updates in our paper to give us weary commuters some information to plan our trips and routes.

So thanks Don for keeping in touch and helping us to navigate this road construction project. He was the only one who cared enough to help a frustrated citizen.

Patty Vinikow

Thank you to Pahrump Health and Rehabilitation

The family of Neoma Harwood would like to publicly thank the entire staff of Pahrump Health and Rehabilitation for the loving care and concern for her during the 19 months she was a resident.

Thank you so much!

Patricia Harwood

Did the uneducated help get Trump elected?

One could logically make the argument that the Republicans engineered great damage to themselves by promulgating lies about the Democrats. Examples like Hillary had committed a felony at Benghazi.

Despite 14 separate hearings by Republicans and wasting millions of taxpayers’ dollars, they found no wrongdoing by Hillary. Strangely, these attacks, often led by scumbag Hannity on Fox News, continued throughout the 2016 election. Why wasn’t Hillary prosecuted after Trump won? Because the liars had no evidence. No more than the champion liar, Trump, could prove his bogus claim that Obama was not a citizen. The Republicans seemed to eat all these lies up. However, they forgot one fundamental truth. “When you lay down with the dogs, there will be fleas on you when you get up.”

Another one of Trump’s numerous lies is the one that he, Trump, wrote, “The Art of the Deal.”

This book was written by a ghost writer, Tony Schwartz, who wrote “lying is second nature to Trump. He had a complete lack of conscience about lying strategically.”

Throughout the whole 2016 presidential campaign, Tony Schwartz gave interviews and consistently repeated that Trump was a compulsive liar, often backing his stories up by recalling Trump’s erratic behavior. All these lies about Democrats were beautiful music to Republican ears. They couldn’t get enough of it until one thing happened. Trump started lying to the Republicans. He got off script, or Trump is Trump, and is incapable of being a team player.

Now he has the Republican establishment against him. Mitch McConnell, the Senate majority, said, “he doubted if Trump would be able to save his presidency.” Even the powerful Senator Corker, a Republican, indicated that Trump doesn’t have what it takes to grasp his position as president.

The aforementioned lies by Trump and numerous more were known and exposed during the 2016 campaign. Now we are left with some questions: How come almost half our citizens ignored the truth about Trump and voted for the worst degenerate since the founding of our republic? Trump bragged about grabbing and abusing women. Why did 53 percent of all white women voters vote for Trump? Trump wants to give the super-rich tremendous tax breaks and take away health benefits from 32 million Americans. Why do some Republicans, living from hand to mouth, support this injustice?

I don’t claim to know the answers because it all seems so unintellectual. But I do believe that a lot of it has to do with Trump’s base, the uneducated white class. They seem to revel in anger against the Democrats while ignoring all the facts when their anger is unwarranted. Throughout history, people like Hitler, Stalin, Sadam, and gutter trash man Sean Hannity of Fox News, have been able to program the masses to follow and believe in causes which are actually detrimental to the very people who support these causes. Is it any wonder that virtually every truck stop in our nation has Fox News on its TV?

Our founding fathers could not foresee how the evil tyrants in the future, men like the Koch brothers and Trump and TV evil stations like Fox news, could program the ignorant and uneducated to work against the principals of our own Constitution. They, regrettably, failed to realize that for some, “facts don’t matter.”

Jim Ferrell

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