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Letters to editor

Neighborhood Watch program alive and well

The Pahrump Neighborhood Watch is a Sheriff’s Auxiliary program. We have a valley that is larger than Las Vegas with 35,000 people spread throughout and anyone who has lived here for any length of time has noticed sheriff’s officers traveling from one side of the valley to the other protecting as best that they can. The Auxiliary assumes some of the burden in support.

The Pahrump Neighborhood Watch distributes home security information, monitoring problem areas and vacation watch homes.

The Facebook site, Pahrump Neighborhood Watch started over two years ago with 200 members

valleywide and has now expanded to over 1,200 members. The 1,200 people in this valley look after their neighbors and one another.

If any of these members see an accident or something worth reporting, they can first call the non-emergency number of the sheriff’s office (775-751-7000 or 775-727-7839). Call 911 only in case of an emergency.

This being done, they post what, when and where, with possible pictures, on the Pahrump Neighborhood Watch site instantly observed by 1,200 members. A special sound can affiliate with just this one site on most phones. Occasionally, drills are held, asking all 1,200 members to go outside and look around their area. The response is good. Using this technology will help inform Pahrumpians.

Recently, the Nye County Sheriff’s office stated that fraud has increased in our valley, especially against the elderly. If you receive a call from the IRS, HANG UP. These people are very convincing, however, the IRS never calls. They write letters. Trust your gut feeling.

If anyone wants to start the Watch in your area, invite three or four people for a meeting and I will arrange it. Thanks.

Edward Underhill

Neighborhood Watch Coordinator


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