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Letters to the Editor

Next election we should focus on realism, reader states

Wouldn’t it be nice to see those politicians who welcome the large masses of people at our southern border to our country pay for their welfare and living expenses out of their own salaries, not the taxpayers?

Also, those same politicians should have to invite these illegals to live with them in their own homes at a ratio of one family per bedroom in their homes (beside their own bedroom). I wonder just how many would be feeling so humane then?

Let’s vote for realism not idealism in 2022, especially for our veterans.

Henry Hurlbut

Reader not impressed with current administration

Many things don’t impress me. Like Biden’s administration and his Democratic supporters. What impresses me is common sense and backing statements with real legitimate facts. Before those of you praise socialism, check the taxes people in socialist countries pay. You can check it on the web; you may be surprised.

What has Biden done for this country? Is inflation good? Is shutting down our pipeline and allowing Russia to continue theirs, is that good? Is creating, then ignoring the border crisis good? Making himself look stupid and only taking scripted questions at news conferences good? Will Putin make him look stupid in the future? We shall see.

If you only watch fake news and are brainwashed by fake news you may believe he is doing a good job.

I assume many of his Democrat supporters choose not to think for themselves.

Support the cops, the Constitution, and our flag and those who protect it and those who have given their life for freedom.

Bill Angle

Letter from electric car buyer found to be useful

A letter from Jim Ferrell in the June 18 PV Times in which he gave a straightforward appraisal of his recently purchased electric car was very informative and useful. The technology seems to be advancing rapidly and I believe whatever shortcomings electrically powered vehicles may currently have, will soon be overcome.

In the near future I can well imagine that a majority of Americans will be tooling along our streets and highways more cost-effectively, in quiet comfort, and with the assurance that their mode of transportation is environmentally friendly.

Now if only the movers and shakers in this country would become excited about another transit option – high-speed rail service. That source of quality transport has been common in Europe and parts of Asia for decades. Given a choice for long-distance travel, I would prefer speeding across this land while enjoying a glorious view of the scenery through large windows, in comfortable seats, and with the luxury of leg room. All of that while having competitive pricing.

Ride the train rather than being stuffed into a sardine can with wings? Oh yeah … every time.

Ralph Bazan

Country moving toward ‘statist’ system of government

Without question, things have been changing for some time, and maybe due to technology and particularly in the communications realm, changes are accelerated.

Since our founding as a country, there has been an element that has worked toward a “statist” type of government. By definition it is a political system in which the state has substantial centralized control over social and economic affairs. There have been times when those in power that favored this type of government were successful in making strides toward their goals, like in the 1930s and the 1960s, but there was enough resistance to stop some of this progress. It seems there were enough people who valued their individual freedoms, had a strong moral compass, and realized only individual personal responsibility would be the only way we and future generations could keep our freedoms to pursue our happiness as we saw fit, while not harming others.

Maybe this attitude changed when we started the “everybody gets a trophy, your shortcomings and problems are not your faults, it’s something or someone else’s, you’re entitled to what everyone who has more than you without any effort on your part” (it’s called equity today, that proverbial free lunch).

No doubt some have honest good intentions to make us a better country but it is ignorance to believe bureaucracies and government officials can wisely and efficiently run very many things, maybe that personal responsibility in a charitable arena would be better.

There are also those that believe they would be the best arbiters to direct how everyone else should live, many are very skilled in tapping into human emotions, using words and phrases that have been tested to move people toward their goals. The biggest problem with moving toward a ‘statist’ system is if there is much resistance, it must become more authoritarian, and if resistance continues it must become tyrannical to reach its goals, starting with destroying individuality. Many might say and believe “this will never happen here”, but history is full of examples where that attitude was proven wrong. Even today take a close look at the Communist Chinese and the unquestioning obedience that is required and the varying way it is enforced. Voltaire said: “those who can make you believe in absurdities, can make you commit atrocities” (even against fellow citizens). Maybe if we revisit some civility rules we learned from our parents and may have not taught our children well like, “look both ways before you cross the street,” “if your friends are jumping off a bridge, are you gonna jump too?” “treat others as you would like to be treated.” Life is not easy and it isn’t always fair, but it is a mostly do-it-to-yourself project.

David Jaronik

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Letters to the Editor

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