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Letters to the Editor

Nye County politics are like Superman's Bizarro World

Politicians, I believe, have an obligation to the people who hire them. When a vote takes place against a ballot question, you would think that those we politically hire, would get the message, and obligate themselves to support us, the voters.

We find, in many ways, our vote seems to have diminished to a non-existent meaning. We vote "No", the politicians think we mean "Yes." In the comic book universe, there is a place that this "reverse political idealogy" is an accepted reality, not here on Earth, but on "htraE."

I remember reading Superman comics as a kid in the 1960's, Superman encountered inhabitants of Bizarro World. Everything is the reverse of what normal society on Earth believes, you are rewarded for being the worst, our Earth is round, their "htraE" is square. Our politicians seem to have adopted the Bizarro code of conduct which in part states, "Is big crime to make anything perfect on Bizarro World."

We find this Bizarro alternate reality to be true in our present political environment. Example: In recent state history, "The Education Initiative, also known as the Margins Tax" was a ballot question in Nye County, and was defeated "No", 81.45 percent against. In Nevada statewide the ballot question failed by almost the same percentage of "No" votes, 78.74 percent.

But our state representatives transform into "Bizarro politicians." They travel to "nosraC ytiC" (Carson City), and our "No", in their political Bizarro World becomes a "Yes", and our vote means nothing. Now we have a new state tax. In my opinion, this is a foot in the door of the much-talked-about (in state political circles) General State Tax.

Nevada Republican politicians complain about "Tax and Spend Democrats." In "adaveN" our Bizarro politicians are "Tax and Spend Republicans."

On October 6, 2015, our local "Bizarro World politicians" took a vote to increase our fuel tax by 5 cents, the maximum allowed without placing on a ballot for a vote. In 2012 the fuel tax was voted down by us, the citizens of Nye County; "No" votes totaled 77.4 percent. Our Bizarro World politicians could have placed the fuel tax increase on the 2014 ballot for a vote, or on the upcoming 2016 election cycle. Their fear is that we would have a vote. However, isn't that how politicians get their jobs?

Our local "Bizarro World commissioners" of eyN ytnouC (Nye County), vote for an increase, even though those who hired them in 2012 voted "No." They did not give us a voice in 2014 or allow us to vote on the fuel tax in 2016. What other tax increases are coming from them?

Remember, they could only increase the fuel tax by 5 cents, without placing the increase as a ballot question for a "VOTE", where we could voice our support or opposition. So that was deliberate by the BOCC to avoid the voting process.

The reason why the fuel tax has been the same until October, for 30 years, is because the citizens said "No" and the commissioners of the past respected that. Are we as citizens left to chant Rodney Dangerfield's catch phrase, "I don't get no respect," from those we hire!!

In Bizarro World at least, the politicians there lose elections, if they get the most "Yes" votes. This would mean those currently sitting on the BOCC and other Bizarro World politicians would have been replaced.

Tony DeMeo


Surge protectors a good idea during storms

I read with interest the article about the power problems due to the storms last week. The article mentioned surge protection for electronics like computers, TVs, and DVDs, which I agree are necessary.

What the article did not mention were the many items in a current household that should be protected and are not usually thought about, like refrigerators, microwaves, stoves, dishwashers, washing machines, dryers, sewing machines, all of which nowadays have computers built in.

Besides putting a surge protector on each item, I do not know why Valley Electric did not suggest a person should also consider the installation of a whole house surge protector that goes on the main panel to help protect their entire house. They are not that expensive and a good electrician should be able to install one without much trouble.

I have one on my house.

Bruce Kline

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