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Letters to the Editor

Deflated balloons are real hazard to desert animals

A few days ago I read that in Las Vegas, family and friends held a balloon release for a two-year-old boy that was murdered. It reminded me of a balloon release that I went to several years ago here in Pahrump. He was a good man and there were a lot of people there.

When someone tried to hand me a balloon, I refused it. When they asked me why, I responded that what goes up must come down, and I couldn’t justify celebrating a life by causing a death, animal or human.

I thought then and still now, there’s got to be a better way. About a month ago, I read about a family in Vegas , who with their dog, go into the desert and retrieve deflated balloons before they can be fatally ingested by our desert creatures, the tortoises and birds. May God bless them for the lives they save.

To the many good, conscious animal loving people in town, there’s got to be a better way.

Joseph A. Bahr

Promises being made are not becoming promises kept

As I read important decisions being made about changing or modify codes and amendments to rules that do not explain what just happened, but refer to copies of the articles that more often than not give no more information when you look them up, an increasingly louder alarm goes off!

All these commissioners, committees and private companies promise all sorts of benefits to the general population but in reality serve the very small portion of backdoor handshaking types that are willing to make public promises that they have no intention of fulfilling them!

Why if an officer of the court is approved to manage someone deceased’s estate need to hire lawyers to do the actual work! Lake Spring Mountain was a ruse to develop the infrastructure to monopolize our water and snow runoff with water treatment and storage facilities! And the town brags about off-road courses in the foothills that are thrilling and have BLM crossings that weed out the riff-raff? Real estate property is manipulated to the beautiful south side and the north side leaving businesses reallocating to these gated communities areas and develop the tax infrastructure these areas use to ignore the state water district’s mandate to conserve the precious water for golfing and waterfalls and luscious landscaping! Look at the properties that mysteriously get cleaned and have roads and utilities already installed by taxpayers! Look back at the promises VEA made to gain approval for selling the solar farm we assumed the price to build but were told that that fiber-optics and renewable energies would only be accessed by the affluent commodities! Now we who were deemed not desirable so we don’t have free panels and substation and neighborhood storage systems are members of a company that levels the cost to the affluent to all members! And they are changing 2 forty parcels of public land from parks to private use! And the county fairgrounds are being appropriated for a massive solar project that VEA will subcontracted. We are being robbed blind! Ask them!

Ted Johnson

Reader believes government, CDC have been deceptive

Our government, the CDC, the WHO, Dr. Fauci, Dr. Brix and many others all have been lying to us.

Devvy Kidd has a very well researched and documented article she published in the latest edition of NewsWithViews.com.

It is self-explanatory so I will not comment further, hopefully you will read it and take it from there.

COVID-19’s 800 Ton Elephant in the Room

James Jensen

Red flag gun confiscation laws are unconstitutional

Just as many of us were having grave doubts about the integrity and standing of the Supreme Court, due to the side-stepping of election laws being changed by unconstitutional authority in some states, we get great news that they are back in business!

Gun grabbers and major funders like Bloomberg, the Biden administration, and their ilk received a giant setback on April 17th by a unanimous decision to rebuff warrantless searches and seizures of guns under the red flag laws using the “community caretaking doctrine” to justify gun confiscations.

The Fourth Amendment means that in order for a police officer to search and arrest someone, he or she will need to get permission or a warrant to do so from a judge, yet confiscations have continued taking place in every jurisdiction.

We have all wondered how so many states were able to use the unconstitutional red flag laws to seize thousands of guns. Today there are 19 states and the District of Columbia that enacted some form of red flag law. Hopefully they will now take a different view of their gun confiscation agendas.

Aileen Fisher

PVT letter contains some, but not all truth says writer

After reading CJ Stevens’ letter published in the June 23, 2021 PVT, it contains some truths, (sometimes without complete context) and a lot of “it’s my opinion and I’m right”.

First, you’re right about the Social Security program as well as most other programs relating to collected funds going into the general fund. This well intended program (just like many others) has become a “vote” getting programs (by many since their start).

When the first Social Security checks were issued in 1940, there were 159.4 workers contributing for each recipient. In 2013 (that last year these ratios were available) there were only 2.8 contributors for each recipient, without considering life spans, contributions, eligibilities, and other related factors. It’s easy to see it’s essentially a Ponzi scheme, which is only legal because the government is running it and it also controls the “money” presses.

Any fool can easily see this can’t go on forever and sorry CJ, even the wealthy don’t have enough to bail out the entire house of cards that’s been built, plus many at the very top of this pyramid are, at least for now, well protected by many powerful in government.

Then the references to cults, or cult-like behavior, that really can apply to both sides, at some percentage, without question. At some level, both parties have disregarded the U.S. Constitution at times for a real or perceived gain and much of that time for personal gain.

Some of the things Nixon did would fit well into many of the Democratic ethos today. CJ railed against influences of big corporations having massive influences on today’s political world. She’s right about that (and the biggest blind spot our founding fathers, that probably couldn’t visualize), with ‘big tech’ being the most powerful, to which the left was the first to recognize it and take advance to ally with them, which influences other large corporations to also risk going against that combination.

Then CJ makes a reference, saying essentially, “this is not your father’s Republican Party”, I agree but this isn’t your father’s Democratic Party either.

Some openly admitted, “trained Marxists” have found many allies in the Democratic Party and others who cherish their positions and know they can’t “rock the boat” because they could be pushed overboard and drown.

If you’re open-minded enough, look up the writings and lectures of Yuri Alexandrovich Begzmnov, a former KGB press and propaganda agent that defected to the West in the early 80s, and revealed the decades-long plan to the western way of life. The Soviet Union may be gone but the plans and some of its results are apparent.

As far comparisons between socialism and communism, there a few differences, but there are a great number of similarities relating to controls. Personally, I, along with quite a few others see us moving to a hybrid system of an oligarcy-communist government, similar to China, which many powerful and influential people in this country have openly admired, from politicians to news moguls. Then the Democratic Party is widely favor by the embedded bureaucrats known as the “swamp” again by favors and not “rocking the boat”, too many favorable and profitable positions are cherished there.

We seemed to be headed toward George Orwell’s “Animal Farm” where all the animals are equal, just some more equal than others.

CJ, do you sincerely have trust in the president’s cognitive abilities? After his election, a Democratic congressman was seriously proposing a bill to take away sole control of the “nuclear football”, not Trump’s election but the 2020 election. It was quickly silenced to squelch what is obvious to many, even in the Democratic Party.

David Jaronik

Unilateral governments never good for the masses

Ms. Stevens made an outstanding point in her last writing of PVT. “In other countries which have a one party state, the ruling party suppresses other parties without banning them.” History has proven in every single case when a rebellious leader promised better lives to the masses, that in fact life never got better for the masses, but most importantly the masses lost their power to rule when a monarch or a one political party system took control. Seriously, how has Trump made life better for the overwhelming majority? Do they have more money in their bank accounts. Are they driving newer and better cars? He promised to get rid of Obama Care and replace it with something better. He promised us that we would defeat China in the trade imbalance. I will agree that he stimulated the economy, primarily by giving tax breaks to the very rich and also with greater deficit spending. But, he was and is a dishonest person who greatly abused his power, primarily because our form of government allows such abhorrent behavior with our presidents. On January 6, 2021, he attempted a coup d’e-tat after the most fair presidential election in American history. NO ONE HAS EVER PRODUCED SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE TO PROVE THE RECENT PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION WAS A FRAUD. Now the district attorney of New York has ample evidence that the Trump team has swindled maybe billions in unpaid taxes from the state and federal government. Taxes are our money which pays for our defense. Shouldn’t Trump be held accountable for stealing from us? Is he any better than you or me?

One person or single political party without replacement power from an opposing political party will seldom, if ever, rule for the overall good of the masses. If anyone in Hong Kong dares to speak against the Communist rule, he is arrested and usually sent to prison. In Russia Putin frequently silences his critics by poisoning them. In the Trump gatherings for president, his dissenters were often beaten (I saw it) or told to “get out of our country.”

Please keep in mind that I was a Republican for most of my life. I still have conservative views and certainly don’t agree with some policies. However, I agree with Liz Cheney. “Our Country comes before party.” Above all we cannot, and many of us will not stand idly by and allow blatant dishonesty at the highest level of government. We will always have disagreements. Our founding fathers disagreed, but somehow managed to set up our government, probably because of their common enemy, King George of England. Each of us should want to preserve our government and save it from the self-interests of greed and power. America first! We should all stand for honesty, unity, and tolerance for opposing views.

Jim Ferrell

Reader shares the way he sees things politically

Many things don’t impress me. Like Biden’s administration and his democratic

supporters. What impresses me is common sense and backing statements with real legitimate facts. Before those of you praise socialism, check the taxes people in socialist countries pay. You can check it on the web. You may be surprised.

What has Biden done for this country? Is inflation good? Is shutting down our pipeline and allowing Russia to continue theirs, is that good? Is creating and then ignoring the border crisis good? Making himself looked stupid and only taking scripted questions at news conferences good? Will Putin make him look stupid in the future? We shall see.

If you only watch fake news and are brainwashed by fake news. You may believe he is doing a good job. I assume many of his Democrat supporters choose not to think for themselves.

Support the cops, the Constitution and our flag and those who protect it and those who have given their life for our freedom.

Bill Angle

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