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Letters to the Editor

Administration’s policies, school curriculum concerning

As I read the July 2 letter to the editor submitted by Ms. Stevens somehow I get the sense, that for whatever reason, she feels deeply that the Republican party is bent on putting the United States on the road to socialism, communism, fascism, authoritarianism, etc., and thereby sending the country to “Hell in a Handbasket”.

I’m only a high school graduate, but I thought the U.S. was doing all right under Trump’s Republican administration. Taxes went down, Income went up, employment went up and unemployment went down. Heavy sanctions were placed on Iran, North Korea, China and Russia; are these accomplishments all bad? If so I urge you to explain WHY?

Admittedly, Trump at times was rude, crude and socially repugnant, but in many cases he got positive results. Examples? For the first time in NATO’s history, many more NATO members actually started paying 2% of their nation’s GDP toward NATO’s common defense! Amazing, eh?

His administration rebuilt our armed forces after eight years of neglect by the Obama administration while “Building the Wall” that actually slowed down the entry of Illegal immigrants (called “undocumented immigrants now) and drugs from entering the U.S. Illegally! Funny how well that worked, isn’t it?

Then he got Mexico to hold prospective immigrants from entering the U.S. until their applications were processed. Was that so bad? Remember it was the Trump administration that oversaw the Development of Covid-19 vaccines in the unheard of time frame of under a year. Was that bad too? President Biden mentioned once that he “inherited a mess” when he took office. Remember that?

President Biden actually campaigned on easing immigration controls, including a moratorium on deportations, an end to former President Donald Trump’s “Wait in Mexico” policy for asylum-seekers and halting construction of the border wall.

Those statements gave migrants good reason to believe it would be easier to get into the United States if he were elected, and now of course hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants (prospective future Democratic voters?) have entered the U.S.! How’s that working out?

What percentage of the immigrants (legal or illegal) entering the U.S. on a daily basis have Covid-19? Or have been exposed to Covid-19? Have ANY of them been vaccinated? Where do the illegal immigrants go that are never caught? Who knows?

It seems like the president’s decision to throw VP Harris “under the bus” by putting her in charge of solving the border crisis isn’t working out real well either, is it? He created the problem, then decided it was somebody else’s problem. Now that’s a classy move for an experienced politician! (For whatever it’s worth, in my personal opinion, I don’t think the present administration wants the border crisis solved). Why? Ask the president, he seems to have all the answers.

Another of Present Biden’s infamous decisions was to allow biological males who “identify” as females to participate in collegiate female events like sports. A week ago the national news reported yet another male who “identified” as a female entered a female’s shower room and disrobed. Cool, eh? He canceled a U.S. oil pipeline, thereby upsetting Canada and terminating many good-paying jobs and putting yet more laborers out of work while simultaneously dropping sanctions on Russia and thereby allowing the completion of an oil pipeline from Russia into Northern Europe! How in hell does that make sense?

Are you even just a little concerned that our schoolchildren are being indoctrinated with programs like critical race theory and woke theory and the 1619 program while U.S. schoolchildren score lower than many other countries in benchmarks such as math and science.

According to the Business Insider report in 2018, the U.S. public education worldwide ranking was 38th in math scores and 24th in science. President Biden has now stated he will not interfere with the teachers’ unions in this regard. (Maybe he values the union votes too much to upset them, you think?)

You began your informative letter by stating Senate Minority Leader McConnell was an “obstructionist” because he refused to let President Biden fill a vacant Supreme Court seat with a Democrat. Currently there are no vacant seats on the SCOTUS. But he did refuse to let President Obama fill a vacant SCOTUS seat after Judge Scalia died..

Incidentally, the first time the “nuclear option” was invoked was on Nov. 21, 2013 when a Democratic Senate led by Harry Reid (D-NV) used the procedure to eliminate the 60-vote rule for presidential nominations (other than nominations to the Supreme Court).

Other than inflation and burgeoning welfare, the biggest problem I see for you and I, and 300-plus millions of other U.S. citizens is this: At some point whoever is making the decisions in D.C. (Obama? Soros? The “Gang of Four?) is going to get tired of Biden mumbling erratically and get rid of him.,Then what? VP Harris gets promoted? Good grief! After her, who’s next in line? Pelosi! Heavens to Murgatroyd!

Ray Waldhauser

We share the same Earth, all suffer same consequences

Anyone who saw the article in the Review-Journal on July 7 called “NV energy asks customers to conserve power”, saw pleading to prevent electric power shortages. We in Pahrump are in a co-op but are still part of some of the three main electric grids in the country, so what happens on ‘our’ grid does have some effect on us. They listed the dos, don’ts, and when, in order to save power.

Having some experience in a variety of power plants from nuclear, gas-fired, and coal-fired over the years, I’ve seen improvements and advances in areas of being able to quickly produce more power to drastically reduce CO2 emissions, which in the case of nuclear power is zero.

Today much of the country, as well as much of Europe, has been trained that “the end of the earth is near if we don’t drastically change our ways.” I believe the last predictions were put at 2030. I’m old enough to remember the early 1970s when we were about to go into an ice age, then there were several “we’re gonna die from the heat’ in the 1990s, then early 2000s, they are never wrong, they just move the dates.

I don’t want dirty air, dirty water, or dirty polluted earth and really don’t know anyone who does and prefers all of the above solutions to work toward energy improvements without overpowering demands from the government. Even in some of the three power grids, Texas was prematurely going green in their zeal to ‘go green’ by eliminating many power plants in favor of solar and wind power, which failed them last February causing millions in damage and about 200 lives due to power failure.

Sadly, while we’re threatened by the heavy hand of government to change our ways, by stifling our energy independence, it allows and even encourages adversaries to build pipelines to Europe which can make them very vulnerable to energy. Then while another adversary puts a coal-fired electric producing plant near every other week, with little regard to CO2 emissions beyond a promise “we’ll comply someday”.

We share the same earth, so in this regard what others do has consequences to all of us and negates our efforts. The “we lead by example” does not seem to matter in most cases, most nations look out for what they believe is in their best interest, with the exception of us many times.

On a side note, I hope Mr. Ferrell is able to keep his new electric vehicle charged with the power industry trying to limit charging hours, but even so, it may have been a good personal decision with fuel prices going up and bound to keep going up, at least for the next year or two.

David Jaronik

Reader responds to anti-Trump letter in recent PVT

As I read CJ Stevens’ letter, this person has to be the absolutely smartest person in the world. I will start at the bottom of his/her letter and work backwards. I watch all of the newscast and if I want any truth at all I have to go to Fox News. There is a reason they are the number one watched in the USA. Now that is a fact according to all of the rating numbers.

Next, just how in the hell do you get off calling anyone a crime boss? Just how many lawsuits does Trump have against him? That should be on the tip of your tongue with your apparent facts and knowledge.

Next, you apparently have extensive knowledge of Trump’s business dealings and about how he conducts his affairs. I doubt that even his family has all of that information. You cannot attempt to get loans by over-inflating your property. Just how stupid do you think the banks are? Nobody is going to scam the IRS out of millions of dollars just because you and the New York Times says it is so.. You definitely know nothing at all about running a business.

Next, you stated that Trump is ripping off small family businesses and family owned contractors. If you know anything at all about business you would definitely know that you enter into a contract and have to abide by it, Trump and the contractors are both subject to the conditions of said contract. I have run two small businesses and believe you me it is not as easy as you think to keep them close to being in the black.

In closing, I would like to state that I am a registered Democrat and have been since 1955. It is people like you with all of your sheer stupidity that have ruined our party. It is nothing like it was with JFK, which is the last time I voted for any Democrat/socialist/communist. All of this because of your hatred of Trump. Please research stuff before you try to put it in the paper, so it doesn’t make you look so stupid. There is no way that what this person wrote is grounded in facts.

Thank you for your time and your patience in reading for those of you who support me. God bless all of you and God bless America. Love it or leave it.

Stacy L. Riney

Recent letter on confiscation of guns spurs response

I agree with Mr. Hurlbut’s title in the PVT on 7/23/21, “If they take our guns, only criminals will have them.” However, that is about all that I agree with. I am a Democrat and I have guns in my home for protection, just like many other law-abiding citizens, and I don’t feel any threat whatsoever that the government is attempting to take away protection from our homes. If such an attempt were made, criminals would keep their guns and use them to prey on those who gave up their guns. Law or no law, citizens as a whole, will keep their guns for protection.

But we should remember that guns, like autos are lethal, and that unqualified people like the insane, criminals, and immature people should not be allowed to own guns. Further, we should try to stop, like President Biden is trying to do, those who are illegally putting guns in the hands of teenagers in cities like Chicago. Because those teenagers are killing each other along with other innocent people.

Some time ago Senator Feinstein made a comment to the effect that guns should be sold only to responsible people, and someone on Fox News like Low IQ Hannity or Shallow Brain Ingraham took the comment out of context and stirred up all this hate against the Democrats, claiming that we want to strip citizens of their guns. Why would we want to do this? We, like you, have our homes and property to protect, and assault weapons are not required. A 12-gauge shotgun will cut any unlawful intruder in half. Also, high-powered handguns will do numbers on home invaders.

The hate speech is stirred up by Fox News. Just check the records. We never had all this vitriol from the right until Fox News came on the scene. I understand that in Canada, Fox News cannot refer to themselves as a news organization. They are notoriously known for stirring up mud and spreading hate and lies. Maybe they are trying to protect one of Trump’s criminal enterprises, gun running.

It’s all right to listen and watch Fox News for laughs, but beyond that they serve society in a negative way. No doubt Putin of Russia, along with Criminal Trump, are proud of them.

Jim Ferrell

Superior women athletes in Olympics deserve equality

Once again it’s time for the Olympics. For the third time in a row, our nation won’t be represented in men’s soccer, because they failed to even qualify.

It’s up to our women, once again, to compete in the world’s most popular sport. On the international level, our national women’s team is ranked number one, our national men’s team somewhere around 20th.

Our women want to be paid the same as the men, even though they not equal, but in performance superior. If women in our society are to be paid and treated equally, so should our women athletes.

A soccer fan,

Joseph A. Baker

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