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Letters to the Editor

Just because news show is popular doesn’t make it an honest program

Today I opened the Friday paper and was hit head on with total, as I call it, idiocracy. Stacy Riney, again, has proved to all of us what Fox does to your brain. This is a person who claims to be a Democrat since 1955, but hasn’t voted for a Democrat since Kennedy and that he gets all his political news from Fox.

Just because you are registered as a Democrat doesn’t make you one. You are a Trump Republican through and through. Just like the wolf in sheep’s clothing, the wolf is still a wolf, not a sheep. I guess he feels saying he is a Democrat will give him more legitimacy than saying he’s a Trump Republican.

Just because Fox is the most watched doesn’t mean they are the most honest or moral. You are right that Fox does not stir up hate on the left – they stir it up on the right. Their audience is the right and that’s who they aim their hate at: hate for the vaccine, hate for Mexicans, hate for Biden, hate for, well, you name it. A study showed that Fox “is up to five times more likely to use the word “hate” in its programming than its main competitors” – notice I don’t use the word “News.”

The study analyzed 1,088 program transcripts from Fox and MSNBC. It found that Fox used hate words five times more often than MSNBC. “Hate” appeared 647 times on Fox, compared to 118 on MSNBC. Try watching Fox and MSNBC with the sound off. You’ll find the moderators on Fox are clearly ranting and raving when those on MSNBC are talking in a normal, professional way.

I’m pretty fed up with people like Raney telling people to leave the country or go to another country if they like it there, instead of staying here. That is the one of the most childish things you all seem to like to say. Just because someone likes something about another country doesn’t mean they need to move there. Maybe I should say “if you don’t like Biden then go live somewhere else.”

Stacy, we don’t need to go down and file charges against Trump – the Justice Department and attorneys general are doing that for us.

Filings and investigations against Trump and/or his associates, so far, include several cases of defamation, fraud, conspiracy, several scams, misuse of 2017 inauguration funds, violation of the Voting Rights Act and the Ku Klux Klan Act, that the Trump organization altered property values to avoid tax liabilities, the Scottish government’s investigation of Trump’s purchase of his golf course in Scotland, charges against the Trump organization and its chief financial officer for an alleged 15-year-long tax fraud scheme and more….on and on and on are all public knowledge and have been fact checked.

But, since you watch Fox, you wouldn’t know that – they are notorious for leaving out anything that doesn’t work to their advantage. They should be called Fox Half-of-the-News.

As you said, you should stop writing letters to the PVT – you are a complete embarrassment and making a fool of yourself. And, in your own words: “Please research stuff before you try to put it in the paper, so it doesn’t make you look so stupid.”

Your words again: “if I want any truth at all I have to go to Fox News” where Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and Laura Ingraham have all stated that Ivermectin will cure Covid-19. So, don’t forget to head out to the local Pahrump feed store and get your daily dose. If you can’t afford it, I’ll be happy pay for it.

CJ Stevens

Art group thankful for support in these difficult times

The past 18 months have been trying and difficult for the arts, especially theater. Theater depends on social and human interaction.

As one of the directors for the Shadow Mountain Community Players I would like to thank all those who attended our performance of “Chase Me Up Farndale Avenue s’il vous plait!”

I would also like to thank Sanders Family Winery for allowing us performance space. The outdoor venue was terrific, the weather perfect, and enough space to make everyone comfortable.

You, the public, and your continuing support for the arts is greatly appreciated. No one knows what the future holds, except I will say this, our next show will be a melodrama at the Pahrump Wild West Extravaganza in May 2022. Start popping that popcorn now.


Laurie McCaslin

Assistant director,

Shadow Mountain Community Players

President earning place in history, but not as he wanted

As our President searches for an accomplishment that will give himself a place in history after half a century in public life, he has succeeded, just not as he’d hoped. The fiasco in Afghanistan has indeed cemented a place for him in the history books. The power brokers and all the other influencers who saw him as the best possibility to control and regain the power to continue their ‘central planning’ ideas for us and the world failed to grasp all the things that are unpredictable with the biggest being human nature.

Even though it’s obvious the president’s cognitive abilities are questionable at best, there are times he’s bucking the people put in positions to guide him toward their desires and many of them are so idealistic they don’t even consider real circumstances. He’s surrounded by advisors that feed him well-tested words and statements designed to stir desired emotions in their target audience, but he’s not as smooth on the delivery as his former boss was. He goes off script at times, and even ignores his sometimes ‘good advice’.

The 13 American military personnel killed were totally preventable and most of the country knows it even if they chose to deny it. Just listening to the speeches written for him to read are contradictory. In one breath he’s “taking full responsibility”, in the next he’s saying his advisors, or his generals told him this or that, or the Afghani soldiers failed, or his best is “his predecessor made the deal”. After all the deals his predecessor made which he almost voided all of them in his first days in office, this is the one he had to abide by?

Then he puts all those stuck in Afghanistan to rely on their safety from the Taliban. Incompetence does not come close to describe the fecklessness of this administration. This president will make the history books for sure, but not for any great accomplishments for this country. In the end, the “Trump Derangement Syndrome” may cause more suffering than the Chinese Covid-19 pandemic.

The powers that put him in office are in a box because if they get rid of him, making the VP president, (who barely reached 5% of the primary votes in her home state), the rule is it will take 60 votes in the Senate to approve her replacement, which can shift power in the Senate. You have noticed many who desire to get, gain or keep power that are Joey backers are starting to distance themselves from him and some have even spoken out against him. This is likely to continue and grow, the only question is, will the country survive all this “unity” we were promised during the campaign? We’ve only got about three years and three months to go!

David Jaronik

Letter writer tallies up administration’s bungling

In just seven short months the moron in the oval office has managed to make America dependent on foreign oil again, by shutting down a pipeline that was 95% complete. At the same time he gave his buddies, the Russians, the go-ahead to finish their pipeline into Europe where they will make Europe dependent and squeeze as much money from them as they possibly can. Wow! Almost makes you wonder if Biden or someone in his family owed the Russians some kind of favor.

Next, he shuts down all exploration and drilling, causing us to be even MORE dependent on foreign oil. Finally, to complete making the U.S. the laughingstock of the world, he asks OPEC to pump more oil so the price they charge us will go down, thus decreasing the rising costs of not only our gas at the pumps, but everything else in the country. Iraq and Venezuela must be laughing their asses off at this one. Oh, and this isn’t a tax increase, it’s just inflation.

But that’s not all. President Trump tried to close our borders to all air traffic at about the time the first case of Covid-19 was reported in the Northwest. DemocRAT politicians fought him and forced him to keep the borders open and the pandemic began. Remember, DemocRAT politicians forced President Trump to keep the borders open. A month or so after he assumed office, the moron in the oval office claimed that HE made the vaccine for Covid-19 available to Americans when he had NOTHING at all to do with making the vaccine ready for Americans. And now these know-it-all socialist DemocRAT politicians and the one in the White House, who has done nothing at all in his previous 47 years in office, are quietly training Americans to do what they’re told. Wear your mask. Close your doors and stay inside. Do not send your children to school. No parties. Wear that mask. Get a vaccine shot. Wear your mask. Get a booster shot. Wear your mask because even if you have your shots you can get the flu again. Wear your mask.

Americans have a very short attention span and with enough propaganda, soon will be following their master’s commands religiously. Remember to wear your mask. You must have your vaxx papers to cross our borders. (Unless you’re an illegal alien, then come on in.) Wear your mask. Show me your papers or you can’t eat in a restaurant or go to the gym. Wear your mask. Many highly intelligent people have already fallen for this. Wear your mask.

And then there’s the southern border. I’m very sure that enemies of the United States saw a way to create this chaos while President Trump was in office. The socialist DemocRATs were already rioting and creating havoc in the streets of America just because they didn’t like President Trump. So I think our enemies took advantage of that and sent operatives to every South American country and many other third world sh*t holes around the world and spread the word that they could have a much better life in America. That all they had to do was cross the border and claim asylum and America would take care of them. Or just send your children. America will take care of them and you’ll be able to join them later. America will give you free medical care, free schooling for your kids, even free money. And they came. Boy did they come. But President Trump had that almost under control. And DemocRAT politicians fought him tooth and nail to prevent it. Then the idiot now in office just opened our borders to anyone and everyone who wanted to come in for the free stuff. Come on in! Make yourselves at home! People from over 100 countries are pouring across the border. (A federal judge has now told Biden to reinstate a Trump policy of illegals staying in Mexico until they can be properly vetted.) Of course he hasn’t complied with the order yet.

Have any of you ever wondered even for a second if there might be terrorists crossing the border along with all the drugs flooding our streets now. What a bonus that is for the cartels and the enemies of the United States. The border patrol is so busy directing and housing over a million people from third world sh*t holes that they don’t have time to police the farther edges of the border. What’s next? Restaurant and nightclub bombings? Maybe a football stadium or a WWE wrestling event? Or maybe a new version of the flu?

Have you ever wondered why China, with a population of over 1.4 BILLION people has only reported 106,615 cases of Covid-19 and has ONLY had 4,848 deaths from it? Probably not. Many of you were too busy hating President Trump to even think about it, and you still haven’t, even though we now have a moron in office. Think for a second, could the Chinese have so few reported deaths because they KNEW about Covid-19 BEFORE it “got loose”. And forced their population, (they are a communist country and can make their population do as they are told or else), to get vaccinated without telling them why or for what reason. Is it even remotely possible? Of course it is.

Let’s see, the idiot in charge has also rescinded tariff agreements with China that were to America’s benefit. That’s probably payback for all the money his family received though. Only fair, right? Gotta pay the favor back somehow. Who cares if Americans pay more for Chinese products and receive less for the products sold TO China. What little there is of that. At least Biden’s family has reaped the benefits of it.

Only someone who, in his whole life has never held a real job, never run a real business and just coasted through 47 years in political office, could make such a MESS of pulling the troops and other Americans and Afghanis out of Afghanistan. Carter’s, (another DemocRAT politician) little helicopter debacle in Iraq doesn’t hold a candle flame in the wind to this! From what we can tell from almost all news channels reporting, Biden seems to have decided to, “Go Now, Just do it! Come on man.” There had to be someone telling him it wouldn’t be as simple as he is. That there needed to be some prior planning. That there is a much bigger and more easily aircraft-accessible airport just a few miles away from Kabul, which I understand is a real bitch to fly into and protect while people are loading into the aircraft. Now Biden has HIS Vietnam. “No,” he told us, “There will be no people falling from helicopters flying from the rooftops”. Instead Biden has people falling from great heights as they fall off the C-17 flying away from Kabul. Thousands of Americans and thousands of panicked Afghans left behind after hundreds packed into those C-17s. Was there time to vett any of those people? Are there any Taliban, Isis or Al-Qa’ida (Death to America), in that group of people who may be off-loaded in Wisconsin, or Texas. Not sure why Wisconsin is being punished, I can understand it for Texas though, red state.

And just as he’s done over the last 48 years, Biden is blaming anyone and everyone else for his blunders. He has even blamed President Trump for the mess he made in Afghanistan!

Hope my Democrat friends noticed that I wrote Democrat POLITICIANS. That is my distinction between those who are controlling and those who are the controlled. Yesterday I was reading about all of the medical personnel who were being fired because they chose not to get vaccinated. And some were being fired even though, for medical reasons, they’ve been told not to be vaccinated. Our local politicians are trying out their control too. It’s not funny that the people who were lauded as heroic for putting their lives on the line to save others during the pandemic are now being demonized and fired for still doing the same thing. Remember. Get your shots! Wear that mask! You don’t get to choose! Wear it, or else. You VILL show me der vaxx papers!

Robert Dole

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