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Letters to the Editor

Esmeralda County voters encouraged to accept the recall election outcome

As a past visitor to Goldfield (June 2020) and a relative of Commissioner Tim Hipp, I’m writing to simply encourage Esmeralda County voters in the recent recall election to acknowledge the outcome of the recall and move to support their elected officials.

Our democracy is an awesome thing and allows a process like recalls to occur. It can certainly be messy and filled with many emotions. Once the votes have been tallied (as of Sept. 27 they were posted on the county website) and the outcome is clear, (Tim Hipp had more votes in the recall).

It’s time to acknowledge, accept the result and support your elected officials. As someone that personally knows the efforts that Commissioner Hipp put into his role on all fronts (a job I’d never take on myself), it’s time to move forward. I’ve had friends living in Reno comment to me about the noticeable cool things highlighting Goldfield as they pass through Goldfield (ie new promotional billboard, etc.). I know Commissioner Hipp was involved in that effort and a number of other initiatives to make the community a better place.

I recognize my bias, but also understand (from a distance) what he does for the community.

Robert Latimer

Silver Tappers director thanks the community, Pahrump’s Saddle West

As many of you know, this was the thirtieth year of our Ms. Senior Golden Years Pageant. It was heartwarming to receive the encouragement and support of the Pahrump Community once again, We experienced a very successful event due to the combined efforts of our entertainers: Bill Watson, Mary McCrory, Maryellen Swarowski, Lisa Chamlee and Son, and the Nevada Silver Tappers.

We would also like to acknowledge and thank the Saddle West staff. This program will continue to make a positive impact for seniors in our community because of the generosity and support of the citizens of Pahrump. I thank you all.


B.J. Hetrick-Irwin

Readers amused by recent PVT letter critiquing writers

We got a real chuckle from Mary Gomes’ recent letter in which she critiques Mr. Jaronik’s letters, junk in yards, bright lights, hot air balloons, politicians’ big lies, “rights” and the ongoing debates re masks and vaccinations.

Laughter came easily and often as my spouse and I and read it together most likely because on a lot of the issues we completely agree with her.

Her comments about Mr. Ferrell’s and CJ Stevens’, among others writing with a differing point of view are not, we feel, correct..

They have just as much right to be written and printed as Mary. Unless we missed it, there has not been an election in Pahrump, or anywhere else in the United States, decreeing who must “shut up” be silent, or leave the county if others do not agree with what they say.

Yes, the constant rants about communism, socialism, and rights being in jeopardy, get old and are very boring – to many of our friends as well as us. Take a deep breath, have a good laugh while muttering “here we go again” and turn the page. Don’t read letters that you don’t care for; no one is holding a gun to your head.

There is another road to take. For those who might care to, let’s write and debate some new subjects. Top of my list: I firmly believe the America we live in consists of a MIXED ECONOMY. A whole economic system composed of many parts, the two main ones being public services for all of us and private individuals and groups of entrepreneurs owning and running their businesses.

As America spread across our continent, our melting pot was formed. Some 200 religious denominations, races, cultures, and special-interest groups – occupations /city/rural) evolved. The questions we debate from then until now are much the same. If we all pay into the pot for various things, WHO gets to decide how much and to WHOM should that money go out to. The WHO DECIDES for the most part is usually the issue.

From ancient times the clan head, the chief, the king (who often claimed divine authority) and/or the head of this or that religion (who of course claimed divine right from God’s forefinger to their forehead) decided who received what. Back then that worked, in part, because the community or country was smaller and more homogenous. That, however, clearly does not describe our melting pot, past or present.

People said if all we pay taxes for everybody’s needs why should one special person or group decide say the old welfare desk biddy who is worthy and/or gets help. Consider that a church could decide if one is worthy only if tithing is paid, meetings attended, their rules followed. What about a public school: should it get to teach only their political or religious beliefs? If the police stop and arrest us and we go to trial, is the judge neutral or is he the cousin of the chap we had the fight with? Who gets served at a public hospital, one who smokes, drinks, or is a criminal according to some! Who decides which books we can read at our library,-us or some church/ interest group who claims to have all the answers according to their beliefs?

This list of course could go on for pages. The point being, we have managed these differences, by having laws, decided on by us. And enough of us, so far anyway, realize that the hundreds of folks working in these agencies are our friends and next door neighbors, not communists, or socialists, plotting to take away our rights. People, one could add, who work, live next to and are U.S. citizens, working with us members of the melting pot. Not an easy job.

Remember that, yes, many of us disagree with people who run these agencies from time to time. We have recourses: the next election, court, volunteering to be on advisory boards, community meetings and yes, writing to the editor to see if enough other people want to work to change something.

So that, briefly, is my take on our MIXED ECONOMY. Of course, one of the other big parts in a MIXED ECONOMY are enterprises: both individual and corporate and stockholders. Also many others such as private charities, churches, interest groups must be included. Lots to discuss out there. Any thoughts?

Nancy Boyce

Will influx of immigrants into country be beneficial?

While checking in on the purveyor of “Fake news’ Bret Baier, there was a story presented that seemed impossible to believe. It seems they were trying to convince their audience they put a camera on a drone and were flying over the “International Bridge” in Del Rio, Texas, and it showed tens of thousands of migrants that crossed the border without permission and wanted to give themselves up to the U.S. Border Patrol but couldn’t because the Border Patrol was overwhelmed and didn’t have anywhere to put them.

So I went to the “real news” stations and sure enough, it must have been ‘fake’, ABC, CBS, NBC, MSNBC, and CNN had no such reports, so it obviously was not happening. But then I went to CSPAN and saw a well-known U.S. congressman, not referring to this situation but talking about how beneficial it will be for the U.S. to allow all these immigrants into the U.S., financially and in many other ways. He didn’t go into any detail about exactly how these benefits would work, just that it would.

Somehow I’m doubtful if there are a great number of medical doctors, engineers, scientists, and etc. among these people, who no doubt are mostly good, well-intended, and willing to work, but is it our goal for each U.S. citizen to have their own maid, gardener, pool man, and nanny even if you don’t have children or a pool? Would the benefactors also include the ‘homeless’ in the U.S., which might not be a bad idea to tidy up some ‘homeless encampments around the country?

Being only a second-generation born U.S. citizen, I remember my grandparents spoke very little English, but demanded their children learn to speak, read and write English well. Those demands are becoming less and demands are more toward accommodating the multitude of languages from anywhere in the world in education, business, society, and everyday life.

I also remember factories where thousands of people went to work that either disappeared or changed to nearly all automated manufacturing, with less than 100 workers that mostly sat at computers. It reminds me of I believe it was John Kerry talking about the eliminating of ‘coal miners’ jobs saying; “they can just become computer programmers”. Then there are those who say “they’re needed in agriculture”.

I married into a farm family. My father-in-law farmed all his life from a boy plowing a 100-acre farm behind a horse, which then he said, “if you worked hard and long enough, were frugal enough, and had some luck along the way, you could raise a family and survive”.

He told how he fought with his dad to ‘modernize and buy a steel-wheel tractor’ some others had, so when he got old enough he saw how automation was taking over and he grew and advanced, realizing the labor part of farming was becoming less important. Just ask former NY mayor and presidential candidate, Bloomberg, how easy it is to farm today. “Just dig a hole, put a seed in, cover it with dirt, add water and in no time there will be a seven-course dinner in front of you, complete with a checkered tablecloth.”

But maybe some real magic will happen and that forever elusive “free lunch” will be part of everyone’s life or all those evil rich people will have a change of heart and share all they have with everyone, just like so many of our political figures are doing today. Oh, I’m just wondering with all the risks concerning Covid-19, U.S. citizens and those entering the U.S. through legal means must adhere to a number of government rules, while others just get a ‘green light’ and come and go as they please?

David Jaronik

Letter writer tallies up administration’s bungling

In just seven short months the moron in the oval office has managed to make America dependent on foreign oil again, by shutting down a pipeline that was 95% complete. At the same time he gave his buddies, the Russians, the go-ahead to finish their pipeline into Europe where they will make Europe dependent and squeeze as much money from them as they possibly can. Wow! Almost makes you wonder if Biden or someone in his family owed the Russians some kind of favor.

Next, he shuts down all exploration and drilling, causing us to be even MORE dependent on foreign oil. Finally, to complete making the U.S. the laughingstock of the world, he asks OPEC to pump more oil so the price they charge us will go down, thus decreasing the rising costs of not only our gas at the pumps, but everything else in the country. Iraq and Venezuela must be laughing their asses off at this one. Oh, and this isn’t a tax increase, it’s just inflation.

But that’s not all. President Trump tried to close our borders to all air traffic at about the time the first case of Covid-19 was reported in the Northwest. DemocRAT politicians fought him and forced him to keep the borders open and the pandemic began. Remember, DemocRAT politicians forced President Trump to keep the borders open. A month or so after he assumed office, the moron in the oval office claimed that HE made the vaccine for Covid-19 available to Americans when he had NOTHING at all to do with making the vaccine ready for Americans. And now these know-it-all socialist DemocRAT politicians and the one in the White House, who has done nothing at all in his previous 47 years in office, are quietly training Americans to do what they’re told. Wear your mask. Close your doors and stay inside. Do not send your children to school. No parties. Wear that mask. Get a vaccine shot. Wear your mask. Get a booster shot. Wear your mask because even if you have your shots you can get the flu again. Wear your mask.

Americans have a very short attention span and with enough propaganda, soon will be following their master’s commands religiously. Remember to wear your mask. You must have your vaxx papers to cross our borders. (Unless you’re an illegal alien, then come on in.) Wear your mask. Show me your papers or you can’t eat in a restaurant or go to the gym. Wear your mask. Many highly intelligent people have already fallen for this. Wear your mask.

And then there’s the southern border. I’m very sure that enemies of the United States saw a way to create this chaos while President Trump was in office. The socialist DemocRATs were already rioting and creating havoc in the streets of America just because they didn’t like President Trump. So I think our enemies took advantage of that and sent operatives to every South American country and many other third world sh*t holes around the world and spread the word that they could have a much better life in America. That all they had to do was cross the border and claim asylum and America would take care of them. Or just send your children. America will take care of them and you’ll be able to join them later. America will give you free medical care, free schooling for your kids, even free money. And they came. Boy did they come. But President Trump had that almost under control. And DemocRAT politicians fought him tooth and nail to prevent it. Then the idiot now in office just opened our borders to anyone and everyone who wanted to come in for the free stuff. Come on in! Make yourselves at home! People from over 100 countries are pouring across the border. (A federal judge has now told Biden to reinstate a Trump policy of illegals staying in Mexico until they can be properly vetted.) Of course he hasn’t complied with the order yet.

Have any of you ever wondered even for a second if there might be terrorists crossing the border along with all the drugs flooding our streets now. What a bonus that is for the cartels and the enemies of the United States. The border patrol is so busy directing and housing over a million people from third world sh*t holes that they don’t have time to police the farther edges of the border. What’s next? Restaurant and nightclub bombings? Maybe a football stadium or a WWE wrestling event? Or maybe a new version of the flu?

Have you ever wondered why China, with a population of over 1.4 BILLION people has only reported 106,615 cases of Covid-19 and has ONLY had 4,848 deaths from it? Probably not. Many of you were too busy hating President Trump to even think about it, and you still haven’t, even though we now have a moron in office. Think for a second, could the Chinese have so few reported deaths because they KNEW about Covid-19 BEFORE it “got loose”. And forced their population, (they are a communist country and can make their population do as they are told or else), to get vaccinated without telling them why or for what reason. Is it even remotely possible? Of course it is.

Let’s see, the idiot in charge has also rescinded tariff agreements with China that were to America’s benefit. That’s probably payback for all the money his family received though. Only fair, right? Gotta pay the favor back somehow. Who cares if Americans pay more for Chinese products and receive less for the products sold TO China. What little there is of that. At least Biden’s family has reaped the benefits of it.

Only someone who, in his whole life has never held a real job, never run a real business and just coasted through 47 years in political office, could make such a MESS of pulling the troops and other Americans and Afghanis out of Afghanistan. Carter’s, (another DemocRAT politician) little helicopter debacle in Iraq doesn’t hold a candle flame in the wind to this! From what we can tell from almost all news channels reporting, Biden seems to have decided to, “Go Now, Just do it! Come on man.” There had to be someone telling him it wouldn’t be as simple as he is. That there needed to be some prior planning. That there is a much bigger and more easily aircraft-accessible airport just a few miles away from Kabul, which I understand is a real bitch to fly into and protect while people are loading into the aircraft. Now Biden has HIS Vietnam. “No,” he told us, “There will be no people falling from helicopters flying from the rooftops”. Instead Biden has people falling from great heights as they fall off the C-17 flying away from Kabul. Thousands of Americans and thousands of panicked Afghans left behind after hundreds packed into those C-17s. Was there time to vett any of those people? Are there any Taliban, Isis or Al-Qa’ida (Death to America), in that group of people who may be off-loaded in Wisconsin, or Texas. Not sure why Wisconsin is being punished, I can understand it for Texas though, red state.

And just as he’s done over the last 48 years, Biden is blaming anyone and everyone else for his blunders. He has even blamed President Trump for the mess he made in Afghanistan!

Hope my Democrat friends noticed that I wrote Democrat POLITICIANS. That is my distinction between those who are controlling and those who are the controlled. Yesterday I was reading about all of the medical personnel who were being fired because they chose not to get vaccinated. And some were being fired even though, for medical reasons, they’ve been told not to be vaccinated. Our local politicians are trying out their control too. It’s not funny that the people who were lauded as heroic for putting their lives on the line to save others during the pandemic are now being demonized and fired for still doing the same thing. Remember. Get your shots! Wear that mask! You don’t get to choose! Wear it, or else. You VILL show me der vaxx papers!

Robert Dole

Here’s how I think Biden is doing so far: Reader

So here we are. Lunchbox Joe has been in office going on eight months, and it’s been a looooong eight months, hasn’t it?

He’s pulled the U.S. out of Afghanistan and says the U.S.has been in close touch with the Taliban. The U.S. left some armament behind and I’m wondering why? Did he forget it’s OUR Armament? He didn’t forget to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners though. Why did we have to cut and run in such a hurry? Former President Trump had already set a “pull-out” date. Was the date changed because that was President Trump’s date, and by damn, anything that had Trump’s name on it cannot stand?

Things are much better at home though, aren’t they? Not one foot of the wall has been built because President Biden said during the Democratic debates, “If I become the president, not one more foot of wall will be built, and we will welcome all immigrants to the U.S.” Why? “Because that’s who we are!” Really? I always thought the U.S. welcomed immigration and immigrants who followed the rules? Do we now have new rules?

Then he threw Vice President Harris under the bus by sending her to El Paso, Texas (of all places! ) in June to solve the immigration problem, so after she arrived in El Paso and giggled a little, she returned home and decided the problem could only be resolved by determining the “root cause” of the immigration problem! Read “Send money (meaning LOTS of $$$$) to the triad of countries in South America, which are deemed to be the primary cause of the problem. So far she’s done a crackerjack job, as a million-plus illegal aliens (now referred to as “undocumented immigrants) have arrived to become future Democrat voters. Is it possible that when President Biden informed the world he would cancel further wall construction and welcome immigrants “because that’s who we are,” could be the root cause of the immigration problem? Was Uncle Joe on a power trip at the time? On TV he said we had a Covid-19 problem and President Trump had left the Biden administration with one hell of a mess! But once again our president rose to the task, and promised we could all have hamburgers on the Fourth of July! Now THAT’S leadership!

Among one of his more sensible moves was to cancel construction of OUR oil pipeline, and then dropping sanctions on Russia, thereby enabling Russia to continue completion of THEIR underwater oil pipeline to Northern Europe! Who saw that brilliant move coming! The only thing Russia has that can be sold on the open market is various weaponry (A-bombs, Kalisnikofes (the legendary AK-47’s), etc., and now Oil. I can just imagine “The Squad’s” glee when that earth-shaking decision was announced!

Now, all of a sudden our schools are teaching such thought-provoking subjects as “The Woke Theory”, the 1619 Project and “Critical Race Theory”, but I wonder why?

This president MUST believe these subjects are critical and/or appropriate or he would have stopped this nonsense. The teachers’ union doesn’t run the country but apparently it does have the power to decide what gets taught in exchange for votes? Personally, I’ve always admired America’s “Greatest Generation” and many of them were just taught reading, writing and arithmetic before they went off to war and they seemed to do all right, didn’t they? Of course, they weren’t subject to today’s finest left-wing intelligentsia, were they?

I’m not really sure why VP Harris was dispatched to Asia while President Biden showed the world what a brilliant tactician he was as he outmaneuvered the Taliban in Afghanistan. I can only imagine he didn’t want her getting more CNN air time than he was.

Another shining example of Biden’s leadership was the recent firing of Marine Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller. The reason? This career Marine had the gall to demand accountability into the inept planning that resulted in the recent Afghanistan debacle!

Anybody besides me wondering why President Biden didn’t back him up? Was it because Biden (apparently) dismissed advice from his military advisers to keep 2,500 military personnel in the Kabul area to ensure an orderly evacuation?

In the Sept. 10 issue of the Pahrump Valley Times, Mr. Stevens made mention of the numerous village, county, state, governmental and international Investigations and pending lawsuits involving Trump, but for reasons I can’t even begin to fathom, he failed to note the two Trump impeachment cases engineered by Pelosi and head Persecutor (NOT Prosecutor) Shiff, both of which were totally without merit (according to Head Prosecutor Mueller) and therefore doomed to fail before they even convened. Of course one of the charges was the ever popular “Quid Pro Quo” between Trump and the Albanian president. Surely Mr. Stevens is aware that President Biden has publicly admitted on national TV when he was vice president that if the Albanian Energy Company investigator wasn’t fired immediately he (Biden) would not release to the Albanian government One billion U.S. dollars that had already been approved? How could he possibly have forgotten to mention that?

I’m obviously not a student of human behavior as many people are but lately I’ve wondered about something that puzzles me. I can accept the theory that the Democrats hope to favorably impress the typical American voter through the execution of their brilliant foreign and domestic policies, and that the Republican Party will then just permanently dissolve. Just seems to me that with the accumulated knowledge, experience and expertise of Biden, VP Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Nader, etc., and with the brilliance of both Schiff and Ocasio-Cortez at their disposal, how can so many things go so wrong? Personally, I have to believe the political party currently in power are screwing things up this badly on purpose (because no one is so stupid as to make this many boo-boo’s by mistake). Do they really hate Trump that much? Or do they just hate America that much?

Ray Waldhauser

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