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Letters to the Editor

Reader shares thoughts and opinions on various subjects of other letters

Reading the letters to the editor is quite an experience. First of all, CJ Stevens says he is tired of explaining things. Well guess what, we are TIRED of hearing you explain. So, here is a concept – SHUT UP.

Secondly, Mr. Jaronik’s letters are often educational and enlightening but enough already. The never-ending politics, doom and gloom are draining and tiring. Direct your letters to our beloved (not) governor and or Washington, D.C. as they need a lot of education and enlightening.

Third, sea trains or Conex boxes, whichever name you prefer. Yes, they are not always attractive but personally, I prefer them to seeing all the dead cars (more than three in a yard) assorted junk (appliances, etc.) and garbage strewn throughout the yards.

Fourth, bright lights. I have to agree, the bright lights (LED/searchlights) in yards are all on overkill. There is no need to light up your entire yard, your neighbor’s yard and the street. I do understand the need for lights. One in the front, one in the back and on outbuildings, but really do they have to be seen for miles.

Fifth, hot air balloons. I enjoy seeing them fly and guess what, when they have to come down, they have to come down, they can’t pull over to the side like cars can. If they have to land and do unintentional damage, they are liable for that, which is why they are insured. As for the animals, well a lot of things scare them. They will get over it.

Sixth, there are a lot of transplants in Pahrump, I am one. Please do us all a favor and leave your crap and your bad habits in the state you are originally from and stop bringing it here.

Seventh, Mr. Ferrell, you are quite proud to have a comfortable lifestyle, receive no pension and voted for Joe. Well good for you. However, along with your pride I sense you somehow think you are entitled. Get over yourself.

Eighth, whether you love him, hate him or are indifferent, Donald Trump is no longer our president. No, the election was not stolen and he did not really win by a landslide. Get over it and move forward.

I am not a fan of Joe, Kamala or Nancy (the aliens should just beam them up and take them far, far away) but Joe is still our president, Kamala is still the VP and Nancy is still the speaker and will be for the next four (long, long) years. Nancy should just dry up. Every time she opens her mouth I want to hurl.

Actually, at this point in time, both parties suck. I think most of them are senile. Both parties are working for themselves and their buddies, not for the American people. Unless we can purge both the House and the Senate and replace them with people who actually have working brains and will work for the American people and not themselves, we are pretty much screwed.

Then there is the never-ending ever debatable Covid-19. I really can’t believe how uninformed, naive or just plain stupid people are. I keep hearing oh you will get deathly ill, the side effects are so horrible. Give me the side effects. It is much better than being dead.

Here’s the thing, pretty much every medication, vaccine or procedure you have has some kind of side effect. The side effects are more for some, less or not at all for others. So you just have to decide to deal with side effects or die, no one is invincible. If you, your family or your friends have not gotten Covid, good for you. However, if you have no symptoms you will spread it everywhere.

Here’s a news flash, wearing masks, washing your hands, social distance, and not bunching up in herds is not against your civil rights for any other right.

Also having your child wear a mask is not child abuse but not having your child not wear a mask and contracting Covid is abuse. DUH, has the light come on yet?

Unfortunately, we here in the United States are just a bunch of spoiled brats. Evidently, we don’t care about anyone else as long as we can get our way and do what we want and certainly no one tells us no.

We should consider ourselves lucky because I can guarantee you that if you lived in China, Russia or other such countries you would be wearing a mask, staying at home and doing everything and anything the government told you to do. You would have no input at all. The penalties for disobeying would be severe, with imprisonment being the least of your worries.

People are now dying from the delta strain, begging for the vaccine, too LATE. I suppose for some people it will take a family member, a friend or themselves dying before the light comes on that they should have gotten the vaccine (it’s free).

I am really sick and tired of hearing people screaming about their rights. Yes, you have rights, but so does everyone else. In the case of this pandemic, the rights of the many should supersede the rights of few.

Mary Gomes

Letter writer taken to task for comments in recent PVT

Jim, Jim, Jim! Could you just once be honest in your obtuse and ho-hum writings? It is patently clear that you spread fake news anytime your fingers are near a keyboard.

Once again, though omission, you lie about “teenagers possessing guns” being a serious problem that we need to deal with. The “fact” (look the word up, Jim) is that it is already a crime for anyone under the age of 18 to possess a firearm or for anyone to provide a firearm to same. What more laws are needed if it is already illegal for teenagers to possess firearms? Perhaps “enforcement” (look the word up, Jim) is all that is needed, but with you and your ilk so bent on defunding law enforcement, I guess that is not an option. And to further clarify before you spread more fake news, in Nevada all sales of firearms, even private, require the purchaser to undergo a background check, so that loophole is closed.

In regard to your comments about “flipping burger” and “chicken plucking” jobs, I must admit that I am not an expert but I can offer my experience – I actually worked on a chicken farm in 1968 plucking feathers and that job wasn’t to support a family. It was, looking back, an experience that taught me to get to work on time, work with others, and take responsibility for my work. I believe many of these jobs today, as then, are filled more by young people just starting out in the workforce than those trying to support a family. I get the feeling from your glib description that such jobs are below your stature.

I do have to backtrack my opening comment about you Jim – that you always spread fake news. Your comment that Biden has years of government experience is spot on! Unfortunately for those of us who pay taxes, it just means he is most adept (even with his creeping senility) in creating more government waste at taxpayer expense while circumventing the tenets of the Constitution.

Finally, bashing truck drivers because the diners along the highways tune into Fox News is about the dumbest thing you’ve written. CNN blares from almost every airport TV which probably reaches more people that those frequenting truck stop diners, but you failed to mention that or whatever idiotic connection it means in your convoluted world. Truth is, choosing to watch Fox News or mainstream media spewing America-hating rhetoric is a choice. We know what yours is.

David Perlman

Mistakes were made during exit from Afghanistan

Precision in language reflects precision in thought, but it doesn’t necessarily reflect the precision of truth. In Mr. Ralph Bazan’s PVT letter of Sept. 3, once again the repeated narrative was to “get out of Afghanistan” and I haven’t heard anyone argue that point for some time.

I myself thought the Bush administration should have destroyed Bin Laden in the Tora Bora caves when they had him trapped there instead of negotiating, thus allowing him to escape. Under those circumstances, we would have been gone in less than six months while teaching a severe lesson to those wishing us harm. There were many others to goof since, from both parties as well as “profiteers”.

Another foolish move, Iraq, same deal, spending blood and treasure and keeping it going for profit. That also included our new president’s brother ‘Jimmy’ getting a 1 1/2 billion-dollar contract to build housing in Iraq, yet having never had any experience doing so previously, but being “well connected”. This is “The Swamp” and affiliated creatures whose main focus is their profits and protection at any cost, but deception is a necessity. No, the exit wasn’t the problem, the problem was the execution of the exit, which was totally inept at the highest levels that caused more lost blood and treasure that was totally avoidable.

As more and more facts are revealed, it is evident to even the dimmest, that there were major mistakes that those in charge were too ignorant, or arrogant to see. while this administration is breaking its arm patting themselves on the back for a “fine job”, the families of those who served and lost life and limb, the loss of treasure, the loss of trust by allies, the gains of our enemies of state-of-the-art military equipment, and the boldness gained by our enemies and adversaries may be felt for a long time to come.

David Jaronik

Term limits are answer, but not all politicians corrupt

In recent letters to the Pahrump Valley Times, concern has been expressed regarding our national government’s ever-expanding bureaucracy and the implication that liberty is negatively impacted. At this point I’m not persuaded to ring the alarm bell, considering that groups of various political beliefs remain active and able to press their views without restraint; albeit with some attention given to public safety and security. I do agree, however, that the size of government should be limited to what is essential in today’s complex environment while allowing for necessary progress in all areas of human advancement.

In previous letters, I have stated my unalterable belief that term limits for elected officeholders is the best way, if not the only way to reduce corporate influence (lobbying) on members of Congress. I am convinced that political careerism is inherently wrong because power, prestige and perks are the composite gains of politicians, especially within America’s central government. As a single expression of that, members of Congress need serve only one term in office to earn a lifetime retirement income. The overwhelming majority of our citizens must invest decades of effort to gain such stability.

I will concede that most of the men and women who begin their initial service in the hallowed halls of the House or Senate, arrive at the Capitol consumed with enthusiasm, even idealism, and are inspired to do their very best for their constituents and the country as a whole. But too soon exposure to personally gainful opportunities can reshape attitudes and priorities … Is every politician corrupted and untrustworthy? I will not say that. I will say that if our law-making body is to remain as untaintedas possible and with proper focus, the only reassurance we have is periodic replacement of every incumbent; whether good, bad, or merely questionable.

One sensible move was to rid this nation of a dangerous egocentric and would-be ruler. Even so, that doesn’t mean we have achieved anything remotely like perfection.

For some years I have been a registered Republican because I believe in various conservative measures, including the smallest possible government. I do not, however, always vote a solely Republican ticket,which some would characterize as RINO. The term is meaningless to me because I’m not strictly driven by political affiliation. Like every American, I am a shareholder and choose to cast my vote for the candidate who impresses me by their character and stated positions. I may choose well or I may be mistaken but in our democracy, it is a gamble worth taking.

Ralph Bazan

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