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Letters to the Editor

Really, you don’t want solar but don’t mind trash?

For those of you who are opposed to the possible solar panels in the desert, maybe you should start complaining about a problem that we already have. Go out in the desert and you will not believe how much rotting trash, old carpeting, stoves, refrigerators, tires, you name it, is out there. Or, easier yet, just drive around the streets of Pahrump where just about every other block you will find the same thing in the front yards of people. Along with all of that, there are more broken down, leaking cars in town than there are working cars. These dead car lots are leaking oil, fluids and gasoline into the ground where our precious drinking water is. You drive by it every day and never complain? Go out to Sandy Valley and you’ll find an entire dump stretching the western side of town with nothing but trash and crap. To make it even worse, we have a FREE dump!!

Your priorities are so out of whack, it’s mind boggling.

Let’s look at the energy independence that all of you want. How the heck do you propose we do that? Dig more wells? More fracking? More drilling for natural gases? Mine for more coal? All of which are NON-renewable, dirty sources of energy. What happens when we use them up?

Wyoming, famous for its mountain air and breathtaking views, is looking a lot like smoggy Los Angeles because of a boom in natural gas drilling. People who live near the gas fields are complaining of watery eyes, shortness of breath and bloody noses because of ozone levels that have exceeded those of L.A. and other major cities on their worst pollution days. Earthquakes caused by the injection of fracking wastewater underground have increased in Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Oklahoma and Texas.

Coal, one of Trump’s favorites. Strip mining coal involves the stripping away of earth and rocks to reach the coal underneath. You want that in your backyard? NO – so don’t expect someone else to carry that burden. Here’s more: Contaminated ground water, chemicals, black lung disease, underground coal mine fires, air and dust pollution, methane in the atmosphere – as much hot air that you all expel, it’s still not more with coal. Over the last decade, the U.S. has seen a 40% decline in coal-fired generation, meaning lower coal usage and plant closures. It just isn’t cost effect and less and less are using it.

Drilling is out. Without going into details too long for this letter, let’s look at the Keystone Pipeline where 830,000 barrels per day of the world’s dirtiest fossil fuel, tar sands crude, would move to the Gulf Coast of Texas. Canada would then ship most of it OUT OF THE U.S. to its customers around the world. Tar sands oil is thicker, more acidic and more corrosive than conventional crude, which means the likelihood is high that a pipeline carrying it will leak. Energy’s own scientists, found that the anti-corrosion coating on pipes for the project is defective from being stored outside and exposed to the elements for the last decade, making those pipelines more exposed to leaks. When TC Energy said the pipeline would create nearly 119,000 jobs, a State Department report instead concluded the project would require fewer than 2,000 two-year construction jobs and that the number of jobs would hover around 35 (that’s three five with no zeros) after construction. Basically, no new jobs. But we would be taking on all the risk, cost and damage from the leaks, instead of Canada.

So, how the heck are we going to become energy independent? Something Trump falsely claimed we were. Try “clean” AND “renewable” energy to get your answers. And while you’re at it, take a trip into the desert here and fill your car or truck with some of that rubbish and rotting trash out there. As one lady said, “I like solar but not in my backyard.” But rotting trash and garbage IN your “backyard” is OK?

CJ Stevens

Natural immunity and therapeutics are a defense against the COVID-19 virus

With the recent death of the fully-vaxxed Colin Powell, passing from Covid-19 complications, being the most glaring example, but certainly not the only one, it doesn’t seem any of the vaccines, being pushed and administrated fit the definition of the word “vaccine”. They more closely fit the definition of a therapeutic even though this administration seems totally committed to only pushing vaccines, ignoring other forms of therapeutics that have proven successful.

These therapeutics are considered “off-label use” in the medical world but this is a well-known common practice in the medical world. For example, about four years ago I was involved in a study for a drug that was widely used to control diabetes, which some doctors found their patients taking this medication seemed to have a greater resistance to dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. It can become involved and complicated, but many of these drugs have been around for decades and proven to be safe if properly supervised by a responsible doctor. Even the former president, being in the “at-risk” group took some of these therapeutics and did very well after just a few days.

Without question, this virus is much more difficult due to its unnatural origin alteration the “gain of function” practice. This is a very esoteric field which I believe is closer to a “ship of fools” no matter how smart they are, even though most will claim they’re just trying to prevent future possible problems.

Sadly, the U.S. seems directly involved in training others at the Wuhan lab like the well-known “Bat-Lady” there. As always results are much more important than intent. Then there’s natural immunity, which seems to hold much greater defense than anything else, but it’s never mentioned here, while in some countries they are giving tests for it and then allow individuals to make their own decisions.

Then we get to masks, which started “they’re not needed, people don’t wear them properly, people are always touching them and fidgeting with them, so they do very little good”. The only thing that changed in this narrative is everyone must wear one almost everywhere (except of course if you happen to be one of the sophisticated intelligencia). The truth is, unless you are wearing an M3 mask properly, not touching it constantly and are really “operating room careful, a handkerchief gives about the same protection and is closer to a security blanket than protection from Covid-19.

Having a nephew that’s head of the ER in a mid-size city, I talked to him near the start of the pandemic. I religiously followed his directions (being in one of the risk categories), always masking, washing hands, wearing disposable gloves, cleaning things off from the store, etc. I still got it! The thing that bothered me more than anything was I couldn’t get tested for antibodies and three months after recovering still was able to donate blood which I’ve done for many years and they didn’t seem to care.

Listening to all these “experts” and mind changes time after time, one questions motives and mental states of these people because for some reason they can’t openly admit they really don’t know, they have ulterior motives and fear either of these probabilities won’t sit well with most of the public. I can handle the truth and prefer to hear it for a change! How about you?

David Jaronik

Have schools been teaching Marxism for generations?

I have made numerous statements consequentially as a candidate and 12 years elected official that the Republican Party has not supported grassroots races while the Democrats eat their lunch by concentrating on those elections, especially nonpartisan races! While the Republicans, as I was told, when asking for support “We do not support nonpartisan elections, our money and support is saved for the big partisan races”, thus helping Democrat candidates in local races gain the incumbent advantage for higher offices! If you do not think being an incumbent is an advantage, read the Pahrump Valley Times article regarding Sisolak’s “listening” tour; not to fault him, but who do you think paid for that stumping process?

Not to say the voting machines were not rigged,but it is no secret the schools have been teaching Marxist theory for generations; thus, the Democrats do not need to rig the voting machines because they have perfected engineering”election results for many years with an army of union members and college-indoctrinated foot soldiers.

Mark Levin gave examples last Sunday night of the election “engineering” by Democrats in the 2020 election. You can find his input on U-Tube 10/17/21. Grassroots support, ballot harvesting and voter registration including non-citizens, is the Democrats’ biggest success. Democrats recently made ballot harvesting legal and have 50 years’ experience over the Republicans. By experience I mean, Republicans have too much integrity to deliver Republican votes and “accidently” lose the others.

Lacking candidate research and re-electing RINOS seems to be the norm. How has that worked so far? Robert Dole’s letter to the editor October 20th was on point and should instill buyer’s remorse to even the most loyal Democrats.

Hopefully, between common sense and voters’ research the citizenry will wake up to what is happening to our nation’s freedom. The more freedoms we lose and the closer to socialism or Marxism we get the harder it will be to turn this ship around!

ENCM Gene Fisher, USN Retired

Reader says Nevada needs to be more of a ‘red’ state

I was born in Idaho in 1940. I have been a Nevada resident since 1953. I always loved Nevada for its freedoms and 24-hour lifestyle.

I never voted along party lines, I always tried to choose the best candidate. But after the hate, dissension and political civil war created by Democrats during the Trump administration, I will not vote for a Democrat.

Within weeks after assuming the presidency, Biden, out of just pure hate resented more than a dozen of Trump’s remedies for a greater America. With absolutely no regard to the U.S. economy or personal freedoms of its citizens.

Nevada has 16 counties and one municipality. Fourteen counties are “red” blooded Americans, but our majority population is in Washoe and Clark counties, which are blue, full of relocated Californians.

I have a great disdain for California, its huge population and large electoral college. They, with the help of New York, have tipped the leaders of our country from red to blue. Make America Great is right back in the Obama/Biden swamp!

Biden, while running for election said he had a plan. Biden is a malleable and mouthpiece for the Poleske, Shumer, OAC, their elites and billionaire benefactors. The plan is crippling our economy, draining our treasury for welfare, weakening the military and police forces, causing runaway inflation, making us dependent on foreign goods, denying free speech and personal firearms. Opening our borders, decimating our society, denying personal freedoms and forcing vaccinations. What a plan!

Our governor and elected delegation we sent to D.C. is pathetic and downright embarrassing. The Democrats are treating our constitution like toilet paper!

Vern Jewett

Veteran gets no response from governor or representatives

I recently sent this letter to Gov Sisolak, State Rep. Gregory Hafen and State Senator Pete Goicoechea. I was hoping to get a response from my elected officials. I am sorry to say, that either they did not receive my letters by mail, or they went ignored. As you can see, I feel the Purple Heart recipients are discriminated against, as the other veterans’ license plates can be personalized.

Nevada Governor Steve Sisolak

State Capitol Bldg.

101 N. Carson St.

Carson City, Nev. 89701

Dear Sir,

I am writing to you for your assistance. Recently, I received my Purple Heart License plate from the Pahrump, DMV. Upon application for this license plate, I requested to have the Purple Heart License Plate personalized to show the year I received this Purple Heart and also the United States Army Combat Infantryman’s medal. My request would look like this, “CIB-69” on the Purple Heart license plate.

I was told by the clerk that this could not be possible, as they do not allow personalizing of the Purple Heart license plate. However, the clerk stated that if I got any other of the veterans’ license plates, that these could be personalized.

As a combat veteran, I find it hard to believe that this request could not be possible. It seems there is some discrimination between the Purple Heart plates, and other veterans’ plates.

I am hoping sir, that you could assist this veteran with obtaining my above request.

Arnold Breitenbach

Pahrump, Nevada

Resident has frustrating weeks-long ordeal at DMV

On 9/2/2021 I had several reasons to visit the DMV in Pahrump. One of which was to transfer title to a vehicle that my husband’s brother left him when he died. This vehicle had been titled to my husband’s brother when he acquired it with a standard title. When we requested it be titled in our name we were stopped short by the clerk who said, “This is a salvaged vehicle, I cannot issue a title without a state-recognized service business filling out a form. Once you have that done you will bring it back and then DMV will inspect it and then we can title it.”

She went on to say, “I cannot give you a temporary movement permit and if you drive it and you are stopped, it will be between you and the sheriff’s office because it is a salvaged vehicle.”

I need to mention at this point that my husband’s brother had been registering and driving it since the time he had purchased it without ever an issue. He paid his fee and yet was NEVER told at time of registration that it was a salvaged vehicle and each time being registered without EVER a question or being notified that if he drove the vehicle and was stopped it would be between him and the sheriff’s office!

When we tried to ask questions along these lines we were cut off, treated like idiots and disrespectfully dismissed without even an attempt for a reasonable explanation. On two other days before the 8th of September I attempted to get a number but again they were at capacity. I did wait in line one of those days to ask how I was able to speak with a manager about the titling issue to try and get a reasonable explanation of why we were being asked to jump through the hoop and expense of what was being asked of us when according to their own website our vehicle was not a salvaged vehicle. I was told that when they were not at capacity that I needed to come back, stand in line and ask for a manager, at which time I would be given a number and required to wait yet another time. I had waited at the office for four hours that day. We were heckled by the waiting public for stopping progress for people that had waited four hours. The security guard did nothing to stop the heckling. We were following the DMV protocol and entered the line reserved for obtaining your number and starting your wait in line or getting questions answered to be sure you had what they would need next time they were NOT at capacity.

At this point I had been to the DMV every day that week only to see that they were at capacity. I did not complain. I respected the protocols that the DMV had in place, used the resources that they offered and kept returning until it was possible to be assigned a number. The hecklers had no idea what I had been through at that point and should have been told to stop or they would lose their place in line. I was anxious and in fear due to the heckling, knowing the frustration that is caused when you go there. Not everyone has the patience that I did and under the circumstances these days, with people at their wit’s end due to EVERYTHING, a person is not sure what can send someone off. I was very nervous and did mention to the clerk that they needed to do something about those heckling!

My husband went home and researched on the DMV website to try and find where they were finding that the vehicle was salvaged. We had a blue title, NOT an orange salvage title. We called the company that titled the car and they said it was not salvaged but returned to the owner. What happened after is unclear other than his brother was issued a standard title NOT a salvage title when he purchased the vehicle. My husband printed out the information that he painstakingly acquired by many hours of research on the DMV website so we would have it when we actually got in to talk with someone. On the 8th, after having visited the DMV for three times to determine if the ‘AT CAPACITY’ sign had been removed, we lucked out. I told my husband to come over. I waited in line while he was on the way, explained that we were back again due to the titling issue that we had encountered on the 2nd, we got a number and waited our turn.

We were finally called to a counter and my husband proceeded to TRY and show the clerk the information he had obtained from the website and about the call he made and the result of that call. “That is not the same as what is on the screens we are looking at,” was the comment by the clerk. She said her screen shows a salvaged vehicle and my husband said that is not my problem I have a standard title to which the clerk said, it is your problem. My husband was very frustrated at this point because they were not acknowledging anything we were saying. She said I am going to speak to a manager. My husband again tried desperately to explain to her what he had found, to which her reply was, “Sir you have to settle down”. That comment by her evidently spurred the security guard to walk her way. He did not stop, but we took that very personally because we had been so patient for over a week and complied with all DMV protocols and I myself tried to calm people down the other days that I was there and people were approaching me complaining. I did my part to say things that seemed to make people stop and think and at least for a bit they stopped complaining and irritating others who had been waiting as well. The bad behavior of those waiting needs to be what the security guard needs to be paying attention to.

The result was that after almost two weeks, the DMV “made an exception” for our situation. We do not believe this was the case. We still have no viable explanation why this happened in the first place and if the same thing will happen if and when we decide to sell the vehicle. I have NEVER known the DMV to make an exception when they are following the laws of the state. We just would like them to explain why and how this all occurred and what will happen when we go to sell the vehicle. If a mistake was made, then admit it. If there is a reasonable explanation then tell us. Don’t treat the public like they are idiots.

More importantly, for those members of the public that visit the DMV that don’t behave professionally, give them consequences to their bad behavior. Maybe if they lose their place in line a time or two they will learn how to wait their turn without putting others in fear as I was that day.

Annette Shaw,

A Pahrump resident tired of the BS

Here’s how I think Biden is doing so far: Reader

So here we are. Lunchbox Joe has been in office going on eight months, and it’s been a looooong eight months, hasn’t it?

He’s pulled the U.S. out of Afghanistan and says the U.S.has been in close touch with the Taliban. The U.S. left some armament behind and I’m wondering why? Did he forget it’s OUR Armament? He didn’t forget to release 5,000 Taliban prisoners though. Why did we have to cut and run in such a hurry? Former President Trump had already set a “pull-out” date. Was the date changed because that was President Trump’s date, and by damn, anything that had Trump’s name on it cannot stand?

Things are much better at home though, aren’t they? Not one foot of the wall has been built because President Biden said during the Democratic debates, “If I become the president, not one more foot of wall will be built, and we will welcome all immigrants to the U.S.” Why? “Because that’s who we are!” Really? I always thought the U.S. welcomed immigration and immigrants who followed the rules? Do we now have new rules?

Then he threw Vice President Harris under the bus by sending her to El Paso, Texas (of all places! ) in June to solve the immigration problem, so after she arrived in El Paso and giggled a little, she returned home and decided the problem could only be resolved by determining the “root cause” of the immigration problem! Read “Send money (meaning LOTS of $$$$) to the triad of countries in South America, which are deemed to be the primary cause of the problem. So far she’s done a crackerjack job, as a million-plus illegal aliens (now referred to as “undocumented immigrants) have arrived to become future Democrat voters. Is it possible that when President Biden informed the world he would cancel further wall construction and welcome immigrants “because that’s who we are,” could be the root cause of the immigration problem? Was Uncle Joe on a power trip at the time? On TV he said we had a Covid-19 problem and President Trump had left the Biden administration with one hell of a mess! But once again our president rose to the task, and promised we could all have hamburgers on the Fourth of July! Now THAT’S leadership!

Among one of his more sensible moves was to cancel construction of OUR oil pipeline, and then dropping sanctions on Russia, thereby enabling Russia to continue completion of THEIR underwater oil pipeline to Northern Europe! Who saw that brilliant move coming! The only thing Russia has that can be sold on the open market is various weaponry (A-bombs, Kalisnikofes (the legendary AK-47’s), etc., and now Oil. I can just imagine “The Squad’s” glee when that earth-shaking decision was announced!

Now, all of a sudden our schools are teaching such thought-provoking subjects as “The Woke Theory”, the 1619 Project and “Critical Race Theory”, but I wonder why?

This president MUST believe these subjects are critical and/or appropriate or he would have stopped this nonsense. The teachers’ union doesn’t run the country but apparently it does have the power to decide what gets taught in exchange for votes? Personally, I’ve always admired America’s “Greatest Generation” and many of them were just taught reading, writing and arithmetic before they went off to war and they seemed to do all right, didn’t they? Of course, they weren’t subject to today’s finest left-wing intelligentsia, were they?

I’m not really sure why VP Harris was dispatched to Asia while President Biden showed the world what a brilliant tactician he was as he outmaneuvered the Taliban in Afghanistan. I can only imagine he didn’t want her getting more CNN air time than he was.

Another shining example of Biden’s leadership was the recent firing of Marine Lt. Colonel Stuart Scheller. The reason? This career Marine had the gall to demand accountability into the inept planning that resulted in the recent Afghanistan debacle!

Anybody besides me wondering why President Biden didn’t back him up? Was it because Biden (apparently) dismissed advice from his military advisers to keep 2,500 military personnel in the Kabul area to ensure an orderly evacuation?

In the Sept. 10 issue of the Pahrump Valley Times, Mr. Stevens made mention of the numerous village, county, state, governmental and international Investigations and pending lawsuits involving Trump, but for reasons I can’t even begin to fathom, he failed to note the two Trump impeachment cases engineered by Pelosi and head Persecutor (NOT Prosecutor) Shiff, both of which were totally without merit (according to Head Prosecutor Mueller) and therefore doomed to fail before they even convened. Of course one of the charges was the ever popular “Quid Pro Quo” between Trump and the Albanian president. Surely Mr. Stevens is aware that President Biden has publicly admitted on national TV when he was vice president that if the Albanian Energy Company investigator wasn’t fired immediately he (Biden) would not release to the Albanian government One billion U.S. dollars that had already been approved? How could he possibly have forgotten to mention that?

I’m obviously not a student of human behavior as many people are but lately I’ve wondered about something that puzzles me. I can accept the theory that the Democrats hope to favorably impress the typical American voter through the execution of their brilliant foreign and domestic policies, and that the Republican Party will then just permanently dissolve. Just seems to me that with the accumulated knowledge, experience and expertise of Biden, VP Harris, Pelosi, Schumer, Nader, etc., and with the brilliance of both Schiff and Ocasio-Cortez at their disposal, how can so many things go so wrong? Personally, I have to believe the political party currently in power are screwing things up this badly on purpose (because no one is so stupid as to make this many boo-boo’s by mistake). Do they really hate Trump that much? Or do they just hate America that much?

Ray Waldhauser

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