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Letters to the Editor

County employees commended for professionalism

This letter is to share with you my experience I’ve had with many people in Nye County in regard to the tragic death of Keith A. McKinney in a house fire at 1711 Windsong Lane in Pahrump, Nevada on the night of January 1st, New Year’s Day. Keith was a close friend since 1980.

The specific departments I want to publicly thank and commend for both their professionalism and their kindness are the sheriff’s department, Robin Dorand-Rudolf in the public administrator’s office and Stephanie and the other staff in Nye County Animal Control.

The fire and death of Keith and the disposition of his beloved pets who survived the fire, even as he died trying to save them, has weighed heavily on my heart.

So when all of the above-mentioned went out of their way to address my concerns, my heart was deeply touched. Nye County is blessed to have such wonderful employees.

Ann Marie McDonald


Tell us more about alternative energy, Mr. McCracken

Bob McCracken’s “Opportunity beckons for Nye County if proactive” (PVT 2/5/16) was nothing less than a health remedy for our beleaguered region. I’ve read previous writings by this gentleman regarding alternative energy and ensuring an adequate water supply through desalination. And I completely agree with his call to action in these areas of vital concern. His proposals would have been even more encouraging if the piece had contained a few specifics about steps already underway.

For example, is there an existing organization that county residents can align themselves with to advance the cause of alternative energy in Nevada? I also wonder if Mr. McCracken has shared his vision with our congressional representatives? And if so, how did they respond? Do we know of any entrepreneurial interest that might be poised to begin projects in the near term locally? Has there been any movement officially or unofficially, to establish an “Enterprise Zone” that would attract domestic or foreign investment?

And where do the county commissioners stand on these hugely important environmental and economic issues? If ever we needed leadership capable of thinking outside the box, now is the time. We’re talking jobs; construction, engineering and IT, to name a few. In the process we can visualize a far better standard of living, one that will transform our desert community. As Mr. McCracken recommends, there is no better place than right here and no better time than the present, to demonstrate to the fiscal observers in Carson City, to the nation and to the world at large, that Nye County is ready to launch.

It’s been said: “Build it and they will come.” Meanwhile, the climate continues to warm. Tell me more.

Ralph Bazan


The loudest voices usually get more results

In the PVT’s 2/2/16 edition, a letter from Mr. James Ferrell ranted about the Republicans failing to help salvage Obama Care and working to correct all its flaws. Many times plans are flawed from the start and get rammed through without any consideration of real failure, or possible alternatives from others. By the time the project is well underway and much time and resources are spent, major flaws appear, leaving condemnation of the project the only feasible alternative.

To start with, Mr. Ferrell inferred the free enterprise system was a big part of the problem of the Obama Care fiasco. Sorry, I don’t see a single element of true free enterprise but I see strong crony capitalism elements. Why would so many major insurance companies, as well as organizations like AARP initially support Obama Care? Because they thought it could stifle competition and receive a big paycheck with the government’s help.

I have a nephew who indicated some regrets for putting all his efforts into completing his medical training. In his explanation, which I agree with, Americans are becoming irresponsible in their own affairs including their health.

His solutions were fairly simple and do require individual and family responsibility.

First, make health savings accounts the law of the land. There have been many places these accounts have been implemented in various forms very successfully.

Next, allow interstate sale of health insurance. This increases competition, including the catastrophic and prior condition insurance. Make major changes in medical liability. This would certainly hurt malpractice lawyers and malpractice insurance companies.

Finally, incentivize medical professionals to do volunteer work in needed areas.

Too many people seem to believe if they would just put this person or that person in government office, that person will relieve them of different responsibilities only to find much too late, we’re extremely disappointed with little or no recourse.

David Jaronik


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