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Letters to the editor

Retiring RSVP representative thanks supporters

As I retire from RSVP, I want to acknowledge some fantastic people. To Selwyn at Pahrump Valley Times, Karen Jackson of KNYE Radio, Deanna at KPVM/TV, Robin at The Mirror, Rodney and Ron for the magazine articles, Stacy at NyECC and all of the fantastic people who have supported RSVP with donations, please accept my most sincere ‘Thank You’ for your support.

All monies donated in Pahrump help to keep the programs alive and well in Pahrump. To all our Wonderful Volunteers, thank you so much for sharing your time and talents with our clients. You make such a difference in peoples’ lives. Personally, thank you for being so great to work with. It’s been a rare treat to know so many wonderful people.

Jan Lindsay,

Field Representative,

Nevada Rural Counties RSVP Inc.


Cathedral Canyon deterioration sad to see

I thoroughly enjoyed reading Bob McCracken’s article about Cathedral Canyon last Friday. All of his articles have been well researched and well written.

When I moved to Pahrump in mid-1995, Cathedral Canyon was still quite an attraction.

Roland Wiley had already passed away, but his son is reputed to have taken ownership of Cathedral Canyon.

At that time there was still a small travel trailer parked in the canyon’s parking lot, which I believe was occupied by the caretaker of the canyon.

A few months later the trailer was gone, and the beautiful Cathedral Canyon began to become less and less of an attraction.

First, the suspension bridge was gone, then the artwork (the statuary and the paintings in the frames on the canyon walls) began to disappear.

Maintenance was not being done and the fence around the top edge of the canyon was closed to access.

It became impossible to descend into the canyon by the large stairway.

The last time I saw it, Cathedral Canyon was just a dumpy hole in the ground. Sad.

There is a residential street in Las Vegas named after Roland Wiley. It is west of Rainbow, intersecting Alta. He earned the respect.

Stan Davis


Thank you for assessors’ spring conference success

The Nevada Assessors’ 2016 Spring Conference was a huge success. We were represented by all 17 counties in Nevada.

My staff and I have to give our Nye County community businesses KUDOs for their outstanding support in making the 2016 Spring Conference a fantastic event!

Many thanks go out to Valley Electric, Holiday Inn, Sanders Family Winery, PV Wings &Things, Mountain Falls Grill Room, Mountain Falls Golf Course, Nevada Treasure RV Park, Mizpah Hotel, Tap House Brewery, Smith’s Food &Drug, Wal-Mart, Nevada State Bank, Bank of America, El Jefe’s Mexican Restaurant, Spring Mountain Motor Sports, Green Life Productions, Elite Trading Post, Goldfield Candy Company, the Pahrump and Tonopah museums, Chamber of Commerce in Pahrump, Tonopah and Goldfield and the Pahrump Town Office.

I would also like to thank our sponsors for this event, Tax Management Associates, Apex Software, Advanced Data Systems, The Sidwell Company, Tyler Technologies, Thomas Reuters, Pictometry International, gTerra, Ltd.

Sheree Stringer

Nye County Assessor

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