Letters to the Editor

You are being paid to do a job!

As of the last Nye County commissioner’s meeting, taxpayers learned that Donna Cox doesn’t want to complete her responsibilities and obligations for which she receives benefits and a paycheck.

She prefers to be lazy and shovel her obligations, that she receives a paycheck for, off on other commissioners. From her expressed attitude she really doesn’t seem to care.

The public also learned the money they spent to send her off to Northern Nevada to learn the “Open Meeting Law” rules was a waste. She was in violation of those rules and had to be told by the commission chairman to stick to the agenda item, which was currently being taken up as is required to follow the rules. One would think that after several months as a commissioner, it would sink in how meeting rules work. After seven months, she still can’t follow proper procedure. Could be the long trip she didn’t have to take at taxpayers’ expense (as the class is available locally), tired her out so much she either didn’t remember anything that was said or doesn’t get why the rules are important — or both.

Why should Donna Cox be allowed to collect taxpayer money for not doing the job she was elected to do? The county has numerous problems that need to be resolved, as the external auditor has brought to the public’s attention several times. Recall won’t solve those problems, but it would cure the taxpayer of a not-so dedicated county commissioner that can’t seem to find Tonopah once a month and can’t seem to fulfill the obligations and responsibilities for which she receives taxpayer paid benefits and a paycheck.

She ran on a platform to spend wisely. The voter probably assumed that she meant she would, at least, earn her benefits and pay by performing the required duties of a commissioner. Were the voters hoodwinked?


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