Letters to the editor

Reader responds to letter on global warming

I am responding to recent comments on global warming. What is missing from the pro and con debates is the “third leg of the stool” – geoengineering. This is the attempt to manipulate our fragile atmosphere and ocean dynamics for military and commercial ventures.

So much of our cloudy Pahrump skies are not naturally occurring cloud structure, but chaff and chemical spread from the decades-long airplane spray program. Weather patterns world-wide are altered and manipulated. Health problems are increasingly documented. Once blue skies are whitish and murky.

This is a global phenomenon, with concerned citizens worldwide starting to question the changing skies and increasing die-off of biological life. Geoengineers and government agencies, including the military, are slowly admitting to programs once labeled “conspiracy theories.” Yes, follow the money trail, but don’t accept the poisoning of our incredible, once green and blue jewel of a planet.

Patty Vinikow


Thank you for support for Ms. Senior pageant

The members of the Ms. Senior Nye County Pageant Organization wish to take this opportunity to thank the Town of Pahrump and the Nye County residents for their continuing support of our successful Ms. Senior Nye County pageant.

We wish to thank all of our program advertisers, the wonderful performers who donated their time and talents, our volunteers, judges, who also donated their time, the local media, including KPMV TV, KNYE Radio, and the Pahrump Valley Times. Also, Pahrump Life Magazine for their upcoming article.

Organizations like ours could not succeed without the support of the entire community. Thank you again.

Scotty Winegar, Nye County Pageant Coordinator

Stormi Caprice, Assistant Coordinator


Salute to those involved in Wild West Extravaganza

The members of the Nye County Democratic Party would like to “salute” all the great people who worked hard to present “The Pahrump Wild West Extravaganza &Bluegrass Festival!”

Many of the music entertainers came a long way to help make this event a success, and let’s not forget all of our local residents and tourists from all over the world!

These are the kind of events that keep our community united and informed.

Thanks to all who were involved and special thanks to those who contributed to the fundraiser for “bulletproof vests for our new K-9 task force.” This is an ongoing fundraiser and persons interested in contributing can contact the NCDCC at 775-751-9966.

Thanks to all.

Cliff Arnold, NCDCC chair

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