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Letters to the Editor

Thank a vet every chance you get

It’s coming. Memorial Day.

I work at the Good and Fast Mini-mart (next to Paddy’s Pub) as a cashier. Last year I worked at the Casablanca Gift Shop, in Mesquite as a cashier. A man walked in with a veteran’s cap and jacket. I took care of his purchase, thrust my hand out and with all my heart said, “It is an honor to meet you. Thank you for your sacrifice.” He thanked me and left.

One vet said thanks and it was his duty. His duty? He sacrificed that time of his life, his family, friends, to fight for you, me, possibly his life, for the United States.

I have shaken over one hundred hands and will always do so. I applaud these service men and women. I am an American and proud of it!

Thank you.

Lynda R. Byrum


Ms. Senior Nye County thank you

I am thrilled and proud to be your new Ms. Senior Nye County 2016. I would like to thank my fellow contestants Marcia Walling, Megan Milam, Dot Aherns, and Joan West for their friendship in this pageant journey we took together; Scotty Winegar, pageant director, and her husband Bob for all their help and support; assistant coordinator Stormy and Vinny Caprice, and everyone who attended the pageant.

Thank you Pahrump Nugget for your sponsorship of the event, my family at Inspirations Senior Living, my loving family, Gene, and all my loyal friends for their continuing love and encouragement in all I do. A big thanks to all my sponsors: Lori &Tim Andrwnovitz, Gene Whitner, Donna and Rod Paulson, Who’s Dunes, Mildred and Email Janssen, Pahrump Mortuary, Tawny Darlyn, Master Tech, Linda Rodenbeckland, Jim Glover, Linda Reck, and the Desert Squares.

I am looking forward to the state pageant on Aug. 16th at the South Point Hotel in Las Vegas.

Thank you everyone,

Carol Burton

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