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Letters to the Editor

A different view on Question 1 on November ballot

Raised in a small town in North Dakota, guns were everywhere. You could virtually step out your back door and shoot a rabbit for dinner. But, that is not what this is about.

As a vet myself, I would like to thank Rear Admiral Brian Brannman, retired for his service. I’m trying to figure out why he is in favor of such a bad law as Question 1 on the fall ballot. Question 1 will not stop one person that is not allowed to possess a gun from acquiring one.

Rear Admiral Brannman is totally mistaken about buying guns online and/or at gun shows without a background check. I have purchased guns online and they had to be shipped to a Federal Firearms License holder and there I had to pass a background check. If I would not have passed the background check I would not be able to take possession of the firearm and also lose the money I paid for it.

Question 1 will only put a burden on law-abiding gun owners. I can think of only two reasons why someone would support Question 1 and that is Bloomberg paid them or they have no common sense. Bloomberg screwed up New York, we don’t need him screwing up the great state of Nevada.

Born on a farm in North Dakota, raised in Linton, North Dakota and at age 18 moved to California. Went into the Army in my early 20’s. Approximately 15 years ago I moved to Pahrump. I am a CCW holder and have to have a FBI background check every three years.

E.A. Schmidt

Responsibility not to waste water includes well owners

Common sense is obsolete. Water well ownership has a responsibility. Experts are warning us, our fresh water supply is dwindling. (Washington D.C.)

From my doorstep, I see a property flooded to a swamp, neighbors who vacation for six days without turning off the fan sprinkler.

I see water-thirsty trees planted, the nursery at the local home center draining off hundreds of gallons every day.

County landfill is always muddy. I’d rather breathe dust than waste a natural resource.

Federal law? A law is paper.

My well is my responsibility. Call me an ultra-conservative. I’ll be happy.

John L. Knapp

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Letter to the Editor

Shifting political realities and the fallout from the last election cycle have sadly moved some policymakers to restrict access to the ballot for certain communities. We’ve seen it right here in Nevada, as a restrictive voter ID bill was introduced earlier this session. While the bill was dead on arrival, it is a troubling reminder that some legislators would rather restrict access to the ballot than work to win over these communities ahead of the next election.

Letters to the Editor

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