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Letters to the Editor

A different view on Question 1 on November ballot

Raised in a small town in North Dakota, guns were everywhere. You could virtually step out your back door and shoot a rabbit for dinner. But, that is not what this is about.

As a vet myself, I would like to thank Rear Admiral Brian Brannman, retired for his service. I’m trying to figure out why he is in favor of such a bad law as Question 1 on the fall ballot. Question 1 will not stop one person that is not allowed to possess a gun from acquiring one.

Rear Admiral Brannman is totally mistaken about buying guns online and/or at gun shows without a background check. I have purchased guns online and they had to be shipped to a Federal Firearms License holder and there I had to pass a background check. If I would not have passed the background check I would not be able to take possession of the firearm and also lose the money I paid for it.

Question 1 will only put a burden on law-abiding gun owners. I can think of only two reasons why someone would support Question 1 and that is Bloomberg paid them or they have no common sense. Bloomberg screwed up New York, we don’t need him screwing up the great state of Nevada.

Born on a farm in North Dakota, raised in Linton, North Dakota and at age 18 moved to California. Went into the Army in my early 20’s. Approximately 15 years ago I moved to Pahrump. I am a CCW holder and have to have a FBI background check every three years.

E.A. Schmidt

Responsibility not to waste water includes well owners

Common sense is obsolete. Water well ownership has a responsibility. Experts are warning us, our fresh water supply is dwindling. (Washington D.C.)

From my doorstep, I see a property flooded to a swamp, neighbors who vacation for six days without turning off the fan sprinkler.

I see water-thirsty trees planted, the nursery at the local home center draining off hundreds of gallons every day.

County landfill is always muddy. I’d rather breathe dust than waste a natural resource.

Federal law? A law is paper.

My well is my responsibility. Call me an ultra-conservative. I’ll be happy.

John L. Knapp

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