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Letters to the editor

Selling off Valley Electric Association assets

I live in Pahrump and have been out of town for the last several months.

In returning, I’ve been contacted by phone by Valley Electric Association of which I am a member. They are pushing the sale of transmission lines that they or we own for approximately $200 million.

I can’t say if it’s a good or bad idea, but several things concern me.

All information provided by Valley Electric Association is for selling. Almost no information is available on not selling. What is supplied is inaccurate and misleading.

People will do a lot for $50,000 and for $200 million they will do anything. I’m not saying they are doing anything inappropriate; I just don’t see any checks and balances on this process.

My first red flag was they are offering free cash cards to vote with a large sign saying “Vote Yes” in front of it down at the local Walmart with someone to help you with filling out your voting.

The guy behind the card table says they will have a surplus of $40 million; I calculated it more like $60 million remaining, which will be left for the Valley Electric Board of Directors to manage and spend. Why would they need all that money? They have already spent our money building themselves a new building.

My biggest concern is they handle their own voting results with a very strong opinion on how they want the voting to turn out. I don’t know if it’s illegal, if not, it should be.

If passed and sold, it would be impossible to go back and perform an audit on the voting and return the transmission lines to us.

Does anyone believe that a company paying $200 million to buy the transmissions lines will not find a way with the use of an army of attorneys to make a huge profit on Pahrump. Not even the utility commission is allowed to help us and get involved.

Someone is about to make a lot of money and I don’t think it’s the citizens of Pahrump.

I would recommend that the State Attorney step in and make sure the voting is handled outside the reach of anyone with a vested interest in the outcome.

We’re retired, not stupid.


Mark J. Snay

Reader convinced Congressman Hardy doing his job

I am writing this letter to thank Congressman Cresent Hardy.

I have been a registered independent voter since my young years, so I have no political reason for this letter. I do believe all local elected officials should serve their constituents, state officials all state residents and all federal officials serve all Americans.

My husband retired from over twenty years active duty with the Air Force. We rely on the TriCare pharmacy for our medications. When that pharmacy denied filling an insulin prescription for me for over two months, I had to ask for help from the congressman.

Everyone in his office was friendly and helpful. Better yet, the issue was resolved in less than three whole business days (not bad for a problem with an out-of-state pharmacy.

Congressman Hardy proved to me and my family that he is indeed serving us.

Dorothy Bromley

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