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Letters to the Editor

Schools need to get back to basic learning skills

Regarding “Amazing elementary school blows union’s claims to smithereens”, from the PVT’s March 12 issue, Chuck is so right, but he should also address the middle and high schools. He needs to do so in a future editorial.

Further, all schools should have a curriculum that includes working with the hands as well as the mind. We have eliminated and forgotten those classes which provide all students wood, metal shop and experimental labs of physics and chemistry. The only exception is preschool, where children use hands, body and minds in play.

Yes, the shop classes are more expensive than chalk board, desk, chair and image projector. However the investment will pay very high dividends. I note, these skills can’t be imported on the Internet.

Warren L. Dowler

Election cycle in full swing (MUD)

I have to hand it to Mr. Andrew Alberti. I guess he thinks that writing defamatory and almost slanderous statements in a tabloid makes him an Investigative Reporter (HA). The man does not know garbage from shinola. This human being is a sore loser. He loses elections, ethics complaints and continues with this garbage about CORRUPTION. Does this mean he is in the same bed with Mr. Anthony (Corruption Fighter) Greco?

Mr. Alberti now wants to run for a seat on the Nye County School board. Lord help us. We need competent people to run for the school board. Not some old sore loser. Now, let’s get back to the commissioners’ race. In District 4, we have Mr. Borasky, Mr. Jones, Mr. Bergman and Julie Hargis.

Now, I would never vote for Mr. Borasky (Bring back Sales Tax). Nor Mr. Jones who left the county employ for some unknown reason(s). Nor, Mr. Bergman who is so far out there with his Common Court Law and Communist Manifesto crap scares me. Ms. Hargis might be all right. I only know she is a local business owner.

District 5 is another losing proposition. We have Mr. Schinhofen, Mr. Walt Grudzinski, Mr. Dave Caudle and Mr. Dolan. Mr. Schinhofen is a rambling fool. Mr. Grudzinski and Mr. Caudle I do not know that well. Mr. Dolan (angered by town travel policy tweaks, Peanut Gallery, tells seniors to buy hearing aids, etc., etc.) also running. Do we need another jerk wearing a cowboy hat as commissioner, I think not.

Ray Smith

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