Letters to the Editor

Deputy Deutch’s Legacy

As a citizen of Nye County, I am concerned about many things regarding the sheriffs campaign. Honesty, integrity, ethics and transparency are sorely lacking across the board. However, I am most confounded by your campaign platform.

Pity has never been a strong selling point for a political candidate. Lies are a given. But to use the memory of a fallen hero for your own gain, is far below classless. The ultimate sacrifice made by Deputy Deutch stands on its own and should NEVER be attached to your experience.

They were two separate OIS incidents, both inexcusable, both traumatic, but separate. Deputy Deutch left behind a family, wife, children, parents and siblings and yet you never speak of them or their loss. There is a legacy that was left behind by Deputy Deutch for each member of the NCSO that you probably don’t even realize and never even mentioned. That is because you were too busy making it all about you.

Be honest with the citizens that you want to vote for you. Tell them that you are a detective because you were too afraid to put the uniform back on. But you want to “lead” all of the people who have the courage to wear it every day. Remember, if you know that your life, experiences and claims are legitimate and without flaws, then they (and you) should be able to stand on your own.

Allow Deputy Deutch the honor that HE ALONE earned.

Jim Fermin

Mardi Gras party thank you

The 2014 Relay for Life Committee would like to thank everyone who attended the “Mask Out Cancer” Mardi Gras Party fundraiser on March 4 at the Moose Lodge.

Thank you to all those who brought the food, made the masks for the silent auction, helped with the decorating and the clean-up, and all the teams who participated with their fundraising tables.

A big thank you to the Moose Lodge for all their help. Over 70 people attended this fun event. All monies raised went to the Relay for Life Cancer Walk, to be held on May 16 and 17 at Petrack Park.

For further information on the walk and to join or start a walking team, call Event Chair Chanda Wieland at 616-902-0629 or email helpwhipcancer@pinkmail.org.

Marian Maxfield

Publicity Chair

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