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Letters to the Editor

Thank you NCSO!

The employees of Meadows Bank wish to thank Nye County deputies McKillips, Kakavuluis, Detective Eric Murphy, Sheriff Tony DeMeo and the other deputies who were in the area for their quick response and assistance on April 15th after a robbery occurred at our location.

They displayed professionalism and compassion during a very stressful time. Due to their quick work the suspect was apprehended a short time later.

As residents of this community we are grateful to be able to count on the department for assistance during unfortunate events.

Thank you again to all who were here to assist us.

Susan Bai, VP, Branch Manager

Meadows Bank


Economic boom to bring prosperity to billions?

Fast Forward: We are watching the beginnings of an economic boom on a scale never experienced before. We have entered a period of sustained growth that could eventually double the world’s economy every dozen years and bring prosperity for – quite literally – billions of people on the planet.

We are riding the early waves of a greatly expanding economy that will do much to solve seemingly intractable like poverty and to ease tensions throughout the world.

The face of the earth has changed dramatically and is changing ever faster. What would have taken one thousand generations in the past may now happen in a single generation.

Ron Lowe

Nevada City, California

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TIM BURKE: Nevada Democrats force November mail-in ballot

The act of physically going to a polling location and casting my vote in-person has always given me a feeling of satisfaction that I am participating in the election process.

THOMAS KNAPP: Afghanistan Bounties: Pot, Meet Kettle (and Turn Off the Stove!)

“These are anarchists, these are not protesters,” President Donald Trump said on July 20th, defending his decision to unleash Department of Homeland Security hooligans on anti-police-violence demonstrators in Portland. Anarchist-bashing — referring to “radical-left anarchists” in Minneapolis, “ugly anarchists” in Seattle, etc. — has become a consistent Trump campaign theme since May.

CHUCK BAKER: Land, Land, but not an inch to spare

“Don’t Fence Me In” was a popular song in the 1940s. Some might say it could be today’s theme song for Nellis AFB. Between all the land held in Nevada by the local air base and the Bureau of Land Management, it appears that control over boundaries and borders will be with Silver State entities for quite some time. And not just in the south.

TIM BURKE: First Amendment protects free speech, not violence

In the rural counties of Nevada, it is not uncommon to have residents assemble and express their conservative viewpoints. Here in Pahrump, during patriotic holidays like the Fourth of July, you might find someone standing along the main roadways waving an American flag to show their support for this country. It is also common to see American flags attached to residents’ cars and trucks around town. These residents are exercising their First Amendment rights.