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Letters to the Editor

Bundy’s not a domestic terrorist Harry!

Tagging Cliven Bundy, rancher/patriot AND constituent a “DOMESTIC TERRORIST”, is not surprising coming from Horrendous Harry Reid, the Un-American Demagogue know-it-all! Not only is this a slap in the face of an honest man, but it exposes his disrespect for the rest of us “senile” citizens!

Is it any wonder why the mass of Americans are suspicious of unethical lawyers such as Reid, and think they are the lowest of scum-bags?

Deservedly so, and we should castigate him as the poster boy for a waste, fraud and corruption-filled shyster! Not to besmirch the reputations of many honest and ethical practitioners of the law, but this dude brings to mind the description of what, in the minds of many voters think of such evil-doers: a Jewish boy who dropped out of medical school because he could not stand the sight of blood — so now he is a bona fide blood sucker!

Please Mr. Reid, don’t tell us about folks breaking the law! You guys in Washington are notorious lawbreakers and show no respect for the greatest document ever devised by man – the United States Constitution! You know damned well that for many years, you and your gang have been defiling, defecating and urinating all over this piece of paper! For shame!

I’m all for term limits — one in office, one in prison!

With the elections just around the corner and bribery and money being quite effective attention getters — vote for me — I’m running for the nearest exit.

Vince Bogdan


Thank you Bulletproof Transmission!

Kudos to Russ Valare, Ed Guell and all the guys at Bulletproof Transmissions.

As a senior citizen having driven and owned many vehicles over a 60-year span, I have experienced the many woes that go along with it, including having some very costly experiences. For the first time ever I have finally found a crew of mechanics who care.

In January my daughter was facing her fifth major surgery in two years. The transmission in my car went kaput, creating a double stress for me. With medical problems of my own and being a single female, it was overwhelming for me.

So needless to say, when Bulletproof footed the bill to rent me a car and then delivered my car to me in Las Vegas, it was like angels descending from heaven!

Thanks again guys! Much appreciated!

Virginia Green

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