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Letters to the Editor

New RV park would eliminate view

In rebuttal to Mr. Clark’s “view” of things … My husband and I were avid RV’ers before we retired so we know how RV parks work and where they were positioned in towns, etc. We loved RV’ing in the day when we were able to enjoy it. We have nothing against RV’ers, they are some of the best people around. We are just completely and totally against this PARK setting up residence across the street from our house!!!

When he made his comment about these RV’s not speeding through the streets of Pahrump, no one ever said anything about speeding RV’s! He is the one exaggerating that point. Nobody said these RV’S were going to “run down” our children. What was said is that kids will be kids at these bus stops and when they get to horsing around, don’t always pay attention and run out into the street without thinking because they are children.

That is what we want to keep from happening, because there are more than just a “few” children in this area and we just want them all to be safe.

When we moved here to retire, we purchased our home and land because we fell in love with the view we got in front of our home. A clear and unimpeded view of the entire Mt. Charleston range, we love it and don’t want that to change. We are not the only family that has that kind of view and putting up huge walls and huge berms and trees will take that view away from all of us!

And yes, there will be noise you can’t get away from! We know this whole valley is dusty. That is one thing we all have to live with, living in Nevada as a whole, after all it is a desert.

With the proposed entrance coming off of Wilson, looking at the diagram presented at the meeting, it appears that there are also exit roads, one in the park, going out onto Leslie, and on the other side going onto Happy Lane. That puts RV’s right in front of our home and several others!!

Bottom line for all of us against this project … we are not against the revenue we need in this town, because Big 5 is opening up soon and that will bring in some of the revenue needed. Our concern is that there would be a much better place to put this RV park, lake or no lake, but not smack dab in the middle of so many homes and families and changing the zoning to commercial, well that opens up a whole new can of worms. What will keep “them” from planting a casino on the rest of that land??? Would you want a casino in your front or back yard?

Renate Yannello


Vote ‘No’ on Education Initiative

Dear Fellow Nevadans,

Real impacts from the proposed Education Initiative:

Would you feel a tax which forced you to borrow money to pay the taxes was fair, because you did not have enough take-home pay? In many businesses, “gross income” and “cash flow” are vastly different and borrowing would be necessary. There is no current federal or state tax which is so egregious.

Would you think it fair if you were taxed, even if you had little or no take-home pay? The Education Initiative does!

If your take-home pay was $2,000 per month, would you think that a tax of $1,000 per month was unjust? Would this have a negative impact on your ability to care for your family? The Education Initiative asks this of some businesses.

Businesses will cut expenses, raise prices, reduce jobs and reduce future pay increases because of this tax.

Businesses looking to relocate to Nevada will look elsewhere.

Every Nevada citizen will pay more for all goods and services.

There is no guarantee the tax revenue will increase school budgets!

The Education Initiative is a poorly thought out damaging tax! Vote NO on the Education Initiative!

Lex Adams

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