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Letters to the Editor

Thank you to NCSO

To the two deputies that helped me at the festival Saturday night:

My car was pinned in at the parking area at 10:00 p.m. after a car blocked me, and when I tried to maneuver my car to get out, I was stuck in poof dirt. They helped push me out. I could have been there all night.

I am 79 years old, and there is not enough room on this page to say thank you. You were my angels. God bless you both.

Sylvia Adair

Rick Marshall getting out of hand

I have been reading about the Rick Marshall drama. During Marshall’s recent campaign swing through Gabbs, I asked him why he wasn’t immediately put on administrative leave after his arrest and his reply was “I wasn’t guilty.” When I asked him who determined that he replied, “The A.G.” Really?

In between the time when he was arrested, when he should have automatically been placed on leave, and when he reported for work (which I believe I read was the next day), the A.G. had time to review a report and make that determination? I think not. The A.G. wasn’t even involved then. Marshall was working under a cloud and was allowed to supervise the very deputies who arrested him. Not a good administrative decision.

DeMeo’s contention that the deputies “not only waited until he was out of the country to make their move on Marshall …” What does that mean? That the deputies knew DeMeo would intervene and not allow his chosen replacement to be arrested?

How could the deputies know that when DeMeo was out of the country, Marshall would present probable cause for his arrest? The whole thing smells bad, and in my opinion we need a whole new administration in the Nye County Sheriff’s Office.

And, incidentally, if a defendant is declared not guilty, he/she is not sentenced to pay a fine and perform community service.

When I asked Marshall why he was forced into the agreement, he said the newspapers got it wrong, that the “fine” was not really a fine but reimbursement for investigative costs. Again, if you are innocent of the charges, investigative costs are borne by the investigating agency. Ugly stuff.

I don’t have anything against Marshall personally: I don’t know the man, but I don’t like DeMeo’s unbridled endorsement of Marshall and his nasty attacks against his deputies. That in itself calls for a change.

Jan Basinger

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DAN SCHINHOFEN: Bill of Rights?

Back in January when the “novel coronavirus” was finally making the news, after the debacle of impeachment was over, I was very interested as I watched the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) shut down a city with 35 million residents. My first reaction was, “This could never happen in America as we have a Bill of Rights.” Boy was I wrong.

DAN SCHINHOFEN: Lessons learned

This past year has seen a lot of changes and most not for the better. As I sit here thinking it over, here are some of the things I have learned.

TIM BURKE: Possible second mandated shutdown would be disastrous

The recent rapid increase in COVID-19 positives is threatening to close businesses and halt family holiday gatherings temporarily. The post-election decrease in COVID-19 positives that some theorized would take place due to the election did not materialize. The exact opposite has happened.

STEVE SEBELIUS: 2020 election mandate? Compromise

Democrats long hoped for a supermajority in the Nevada Legislature; instead, the mixed election results will force both sides to work together to find consensus to fix vexing problems.

DAN SCHINHOFEN: More division coming up

President “projected” Biden stated that he will unite our country. Well, that’s good because his party spent the last four years dividing us. From the end of the election in 2016, the Democrats have refused to accept the results, but rather spent the last four years calling Trump illegitimate, a fraud, and of course tried to impeach him many times. The one time they actually went through with it, they knew it would fail in the Senate, but to meddle in the next election, they did it anyway, During Obama’s administration, there were many times some Republicans wanted to impeach Obama, but with the Senate being held by Harry Reid, they knew it would only be a show and cause division, so they did not.

As Mental Health Comes out of the Shadows, So Should Insurance Coverage to Increase Access to Care

Anyone who has ever tried to navigate the crazy task of selecting an individual health insurance policy knows the fundamental problem is figuring out exactly what you’re buying. Then, traversing the dizzying maze of HMOs, doctors, hospitals, co-pays, deductibles, allowable procedures, and coverage eligibility only increases the frustration.