Letters to the Editor

Republican-controlled House governs fantasy nation

The House of Representatives doesn’t represent America as it really is today. The Republican-controlled House governs a “fantasy nation created in talk-radio land,” where black and gay people don’t exist, women are subservient, and all gun safety legislation is a step toward tyranny.

Thanks to strategic redrawing of districts, Republicans managed to maintain an advantage in the House in the 2012 elections, despite collectively getting 1.4 million fewer votes than Democrats. For the midterm elections coming up the Republicans have added voter ID laws that tilt the playing field even further in their favor.

As America becomes more diverse, House Republicans barricade themselves in red-state districts where extremism is no vice. This retrograde GOP white “boys” club is comically out of step, opposing common sense legislation supported by a large majority of Americans, from universal background checks for guns to immigration reform. In their parallel universe, democracy is dangerous, and obstruction is the only goal.

If you‘re voting for Republican or Tea Party candidates in the midterm elections, this is the political nonsense you are supporting.

Ron Lowe

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