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Letters to the Editor

Thanks from reader on cleanup of webpage

This was placed at the end of an article:



Over the next several weeks, we will be retooling and updating our comments on stories feature. During the interim, the commenting feature on stories will be unavailable.”

Thank you.

Ever so much.

The comments sections of articles have been the most disgusting, sleazy thing I have ever seen, so I never read them. I hope “retooling” means cleaning house.

George McCoy

Clarification of candidate debate statement

Let’s actually take the time to read the complete statement by Sharon Wehrly at the Bob Ruud debate.

She had stated that if federal officers came to Nye County, they would be stopped and there would be no taking of personal property.

Then here’s what she said next about Rick Marshall’s previous comment. “You know, I’m kind of tired of that comment because that’s not really what I said at the breakfast,” Wehrly responded. “What I said was I wasn’t really worried about the federal government coming in because the federal government has to go by our laws. What I am worried about is the United Nations coming in because all they have is a treaty to go by that actually trumps our Constitution IF we agree with that treaty and that treaty is ratified.”

Most people there never heard the IF in her sentence because of all the noise coming from a certain group in the audience.

She is referring to the UN gun treaty that has been shot down by Congress but as we have seen with this administration, the President is constantly ignoring Congress and IF he decides to ratify the UN gun treaty on his own, then we are in deep trouble.

Galen Morgan

Former candidate for sheriff

Educator asks for “yes” vote on question 3

To the voters of Nye County:

This letter is to inform the voters of Nye County of the need to vote YES on COUNTY BALLOT QUESTION #3 in the upcoming election. A “yes” vote would authorize the Nye County School District to continue to issue general obligation school bonds to finance the acquisition, construction, improvement and equipping of school facilities.

In a recent needs assessment study, it was determined that the district needs over $17.7 million to meet current and near future needs.

Within the last five years, I have personally visited every school in the county and can attest to the needed improvements from exterior to interior painting, safety surfaces and shelters in play areas, air conditioning, worn carpet, to upgrades in technology.

Seven of the schools need roof repairs. Gabbs Elementary and the Tonopah elementary and high school need total roof replacement. The needs assessment is twenty pages long and the list seems almost endless. State monies do not even begin to cover these costs.

A “yes” vote will mean NO NEW TAXES as it will not result in a raise in the existing tax rate.

This ballot question is NOT the “education initiative” or the “margins tax” that is being debated in the media. That is a state issue and totally divorced from the Nye County Ballot Question #1.

I ask you again to please vote YES on this important issue. The children of Nye County have no voice but ours. Thank you.

Dr. Marilyn Swango

Nye County Education Foundation

Improved pool would be used more than airport

After reading about the proposal to enclose the town pool it sounds very reasonable compared to building an airport! We have 38,000 people who could use the pool and only a handful that would use an airport. Pool cost, $100,000 and an airport will cost $20 million. Easy decision to me.

We only pay part of the cost you say. No, it is ALL tax money whether it comes from Pahrump or the FAA.

I say put it to a vote before we spend any more time or money on an airport project. Are you listening commissioners?

Bart Freevol

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